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Praying for you Malcolm.
...and are you on that list?
Thank you David - more theological leadership of this sort is needed in our Baptist family...
Thank you David, for a helpful reflection. I also fear the following: - 1. The wearing of religious symbols could not, and should define our witness to our faith. There is a danger that arguments about wearing what for some people is little more that Jewellery mask a more urgent need for the encouragement of effective Christian witness in our places of work. We do ourselves, and our efforts to promote whole life discipleship, no favours, if we appear to say "the wearing of a lapel cross or fish is what marks me out as a christian disciple", and not the content of our character and our industriousness. 2. When we (in particular, the Christian Institute) spend as much time campaigning and visiting courtrooms on behalf of all members of society who are discriminated against (disability rights, anyone? Disability living allowance?!!) I will listen a little more closely, and worry a little less about what can appear either as self-interest, or fiddling while our churches close.... But as ever, you have made me pray about these topics, David. Shalom, my friend!
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2012 on faith and the law at thinking mission
Thanks Sean. Shall look this one out, though it will have to go some to beat Ched Myers....
No, of course you're not trying to raise jealousy levels, you so and so! Hope the chianti poisons you! (not your lovely wife of coursse!!) Prayers get answered in strange ways - who prayed for this, I want to know?!!
David I remember Rodney McCann warmly from his London Days. I first cam across him at Bloomsbury Central in Howard Williams days, and his passion for the classics was matched only by his passion for the Lord! Thanks for your updates - sounds like the the ministry of the word is finding good soil. May it be so for all of us! Shalom
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Jul 30, 2010