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Paul McWhorter
Nanotechnology Engineer turned Gentleman Farmer
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This is a good idea, but for it to work, everyone would need to be on it. Today, many people have a low/no deductible insurance plan, so when they visit dr., they are using someone elses money. Hence, the sky is the limit, and no concern for cost of treatment. If more of us were spending real money at the doctor (i.e. our HSA money, which can be rolled over into retirement account at retirement)competitive pressure would drive costs down, and we would all ask questions about whether a third MRI is really needed when visiting a second Dr. Perhaps we would ask Doctor #2 if he could look at MRI just made by Doctor #1. Love your blog. I just found it because I was trying to figure out why my little chickie laid an egg with no shell. PJM
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2010 on My Health Plan at Dirt By Amy Stewart
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Feb 28, 2010