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Paul Merrill
Littleton, CO
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Good to know. I'll skip it. By the way, I got to you via Alltop. I'm glad I did.
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I *do* like how you included Palin on both lists. That's partly a story of how someone can fall apart under pressure. I do not fault her; it would take a superhuman person to not fall apart in that position.
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You are a trooper to stick with the language-learning! But it's an investment that will keep paying. Blessings!
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I appreciate how you emphasized that it's about the client - and not about us, the service providers.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2008 on No, no, no, no, NO at Talk It Up!
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Aw, c'mon - everyone loves getting a letter (if it's not a bill or junk mail). I'd love to get one of these bars in the mail!
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I don't really agree with the quote. I think the Bible simply has many hard to read sections - and most modern people are too lazy to do study that is required to get the most out of a book or passage. I am thankful for the Bible's complexity. It's one of the things that gives it so many layers of depth.
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We can't understand God. If we did, we'd be God. I'm not trying to be simplistic - but I think when one tries to understand everything about God and expects that this is possible, there is a problem.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2008 on God's Problem is Our Suffering at Reformissionary
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Wow. Makes me realize how easy I have it. Sounds like you have been able to overcome. Some.
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Hi! Found your blog via a google search for "forsake not the gathering". (I was just trying to find the Scripture reference, using the KJV from my childhood memory.) We returned from 2 years in Kenya in June. We're working for Wycliffe - now in the States. Be blessed in your ministry!
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