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Paul Seamons
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@Andy - Joel is right, the accessors are very different. You made them rw instead of ro - as did olynshpeegul. Really they should only be this: sub myID { shift->{myID} } sub myName { shift->{myName} } Personally, I am very excited at the prospect of p5-mop, intrigued by moops, allowing of Moo. I love how Moose and MooseX::Declare are pushing the envelope of syntax and design, but haven't been able to justify the full Moose in any of my production settings. I am really excited for p5-mop, I really want to see this culmination of Perl6, Moose, Mouse, Moo, Mo, Moops, MooseX::Declare work all come to fruition in p5-mop. Thanks olynshpeegul for putting this comparison together.
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2013 on Perl objects round up at oylenshpeegul's blog
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Sep 23, 2013