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Paul Tyson
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This is a very interesting project. It is wonderful to discover that there are evangelicals out there thinking hard about what evangelical ecclesial identity might be built from and where it might be good to go with that. The market as a discipline of desire in which all modern people are embedded needs close theological attention, and I’m very glad to see this serious evangelical attempt at it (though I’m inclined to find us evangelicals far too deeply at home in modern consumerism, which gives me considerable sympathy with Milbank’s view). I’m an evangelical going along the Barry Harvey lines of recovering catholicity and sacramentality within the evangelical tradition, as well as holding firmly to a Yoderian radicalism regarding power, and the non-conformist rejection of establishment religion which entails an ongoing sorrow about Constantine. In short, I think evangelical Christianity has some very important things to offer the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Body of Christ, but equally I believe we evangelicals need to recognise the manner in which our distinctive ecclesial illnesses can be identified and healed via a deeper engagement with the ‘mainstream’ Christian traditions of the East and of the West (both Protestant and Roman Catholic), and of the pentecostal global South. So I find myself at odds with mega church evangelicalism, as much as with emerging evangelicalism, as much as with staunchly Protestant conservative evangelicalism. In fact, Barry Harvey is the only evangelical I know of with whom I feel ‘on the same page’. So, all power to your project Jason – I will be very interested to see where you arrive via your explorations.
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Jun 18, 2010