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chch, are you aware that posting entire columns is not fair use but theft of other people copywritten work. Word is that Fitz is on your trail of your criminal theft. IF TM gets a complaint from any of the people you are stealing from he will have to ban you. Fortunately it has became apparant those column were wrong on the facts about RITA and the reccomendations of the sentencing divisions and can be viewed as worthless because of the erroneous reasoning. Beware
Judy Miller question-or the dog that did not bark during the night, 1 Was there just never anything there? 2 Did Fitz just not bring it out on direct because he was incompetent? 3. Or did he not bring it out because there was someyhing hidden about Judy that would backfire on the whole case?
why would a judge file brief unless he knew that there are major problems with his actions?
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2007 on Libby Draws The Miller Court at JustOneMinute
Krugman merely misunderstands the goal of Hilter's final solution. By removing Mediterean types like Gypsies and Jews from European gene pool he was able to impress NYTimes writers with the increasing heights of Europeans. The immigrations of so many of the above groups to the US gave his plan the benefit of extra bang for the mark.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2007 on Stand Tall, America at JustOneMinute