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Here's a wonderful series of videos made by Timothy Hogan for a Masonic convention in 2014. It confirms from an "insider" view how deeply involved the Spanish were in the esoteric transmission. Very, very interesting stuff!
We have received another review! This one is from Casey DuHammel and can be seen at Thanks Casey, I look forward to your pack coming out soon as well! Christine
Psychic -- Yes this is the place where you can buy the Tarot of the Holy Light. If you are within the US or Canada, the cost is $26.00 postpaid. If you are anywhere else, there is an additional charge for the shipping and handling. You might also notice that we now also offer a signed and numbered copy for collectors. Thanks for your interest! Christine
This is about the genre of Continental Tarots in general, as the Camoin Tarot is a restoration of an antique pack from before the time of Etteilla. It's great to see a mainstream source actually care about the history! (Even if it was put in the fashion section...)
Aho! John, longtime Knight and student of Sophia -- Wonder you might about the so-called "mistake"! Mayhap there's method to this madness, but still it was not consciously constructed. I have fantasized how this re-arrangement might make the Wheel around Tiferet turn in the opposite direction temporarily, that was quite illuminating to experiment with in fact. We know the Protestant Sophianics worked both directions on the Father Pillar, they couldn't always just take the energies "up". Food for thought at least! But if it is brilliant, or revelatory, or even simply useful, I still can't claim it. A pure manifestation of Tao, don't ya know! The remedy, which I am already at work on, will be to design a one-page diagram in wheel form, that will demonstrate all the ingredients of the deck, imposed upon the Zodiac arranged as the Hermetic Cosmos. All the correspondences will be there, preferribly in color if we can do it, all keyed to the Zodiac and the decans and the signs/planets/elements. A user of the THL, if they wish, will be able to load their birthchart and transits into the grid and mark which cards came up under these skies. It should make the process of co-ordinating the Astro-alpha-alchemical-kabalistic-numeric values (and their related Remedies) much more obvious and easier to remember. Wish me luck!
It's a pleasure to have the freedom to research and write as the spirit moves. And what an exciting time in my life! Despite the challenges of this second Saturn Return, this has been an exceptional year. Thank you for being there for me to write to!
Here's another fascinating site -- astrology, metaphysics and science!
I thought I'd pass along another fine astrological site that publishes monthly reviews. How great it is to have such excellent resources right at the tips of our fingers!
Today I was providentially led into an excellent site that expands upon the above ideas:ω-greek-vowels-and-the-chaldean-planets/ Look around, there's lots to enjoy!
Today my dear friend John Meador sent me this link. I'm thrilled to read so much about the Teli in one article. I'm sure this is something that needs to come into the collective consciousness right around now, to help us visualize what's happening to us right now. Thank you Christoph de la Cruz!
Why thank you dear! You are so kind.... I have always been astounded at the way supposedly-random cards will somehow make direct connections with the hot spots in my chart. My journals are just full of this stuff -- I write down the date and time, then the cards I drew, some LWB remarks, the degrees (or signs/planets) the cards refer to, and what the ephemeris tells me is going on in the heavens. By the time I bring it all back to my birthchart, my understanding of both the spread and the transits has multiplied. I thought I'd try doing the same for these NewMoons, and it seems to be working out fine....
Hey Bonnie! Interesting.... I kind of thought the whole Tarot world would know this already. Thanks go out to Kessinger for deciding that Papus needs another airing!
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Dec 5, 2010