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Pat Billone
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Thanks Ed...I enjoy streaming everyday. Got in some Breaking Bad and Mad Men last night. Enjoy Boardwalk.
When will we get it on the xoom?
I get my info from Facebook.
My streaming worked fine today on Xbox.
I have a netflix hub here in my hometown. I sent a movie back yesterday and I get an email today and my new movie tomorrow...normally...this is the first time it has not happened. No email that it was received today and a new one is sent out.
I got through an ep of Mad Men around 9:30 eastern but after that I did start getting connection messages telling me to reconnect with my server. Each time I did it connected fine but would only last about 30 seconds back in Netflix before the error came up again. Haven't checked it since.
I'll be sticking with streaming but dropping dvd's. My wife and I get to watch 1 dvd per month for the most part. It will be cheaper doing Redbox or renting from my cable company for $4 per movie than pay $8 every month. Hopefully netflix will introduce a pay by rent service so we only get charged a 3 or 4 dollar fee when we have a movie sent out.
I had problems with xbox live the last few days. Lots of interruptions, reloads, etc. This seemed to be an xbox problem as I could not get into online gaming as well. Working fine as of this morning.
I'd like to see Breaking Bad as well. Not sure if this contract for Mad Men is with the production company or AMC...or are they the same?
My credit said it would be on my $7.99 streaming bill eventhough I have both that and 1 dvd now. Changes do not go into affect until September so shouldn't my credit be for my current $10.79 fee?
Down on my Roku, Xbox 360, and Android.
I just read about the increase in the paper this morning. I have been with netflix for over 10 years and we have been getting a nice deal. This increase works for people who do lots of dvd and streaming while many posts note a favoritism to one or the other. My family does more streaming than anything else so sticking with that works for me. I can't justify the price for 1 dvd at a time though. In a working family with 2 kids, my wife and I are lucky if we can sit down to watch a rented dvd once per month. It would be nice if they offered a rental per dvd charge at $3 or $4. That way, I may get charged that price for a movie but only get charged again when we get another dvd which could be 2 weeks or 6 weeks down the road. Until then, Redbox will be a better option for me to rent movies.
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Jul 13, 2011