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cool! reminds me of math co-processors from the old 8086 plus. Is 22GB the max RAM capable on the CGI instance? If not, why did you choose to lower it?
I don't believe tape will ever disappear. Depending on the organizations historical requirements, e.g., HIPAA, SEC, etc, would help to determine how much data is kept at quick/easy access(disk) vs tape. Plus if you were a government agency or needed to keep ancient data, you wouldn't keep 20+ year old data on disk if it's rarely being accessed. That being said, I did love the Centerra I was last using for dedupe & archival of low access data. As for live data, for smaller organizations I can see the need for basic backup. Are we possibly, now at the point where the consumers(users/mgmt) want more instantaneous access....such as purely switching to a new datacenter (within minutes) with little to no data loss. Thus no longer rebuilding machines, more so just powering them on.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2010 on Why Backup Is Big at Chuck's Blog
wholly agree, that most likely they're R&D group went outside & forced Pfizer's IT dept to get inline. I've dealt with that in the past; the 1 benefit (especially for non production services) is the shift of responsibilities. If the outside service goes down (& is not network/connection related) than it's no longer ITs concern to get it up & running. Though I understand the "this box, this chip, this storage" issue, & do have issue with it for certain apps. Shouldn't a Virtual based solution, monitor & migrate Guests to faster/slower CPUs based on their historical performance??
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Jun 29, 2010