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Patrick Dougherty
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Someone once said: "You're only a sellout if you're making money off of something you don't believe in." (It might have been Moby). How many people here work for companies whose values they don't believe in, especially the ones that try to pass judgment on others being "sell-outs." What's a sell out? I just now finished watching Exit for the first time, and just having a film that compliments the street art film genre (there's only a few) is refreshing and welcome. If someone makes street art where there was just a wall, I value it. Where this documentary didn't exist, now it's here. Someone created something--it's art. So are all of your opinions. I may value Banksy's message/metaphorical prose in his images WAY more to the level of Picasso than I do Thierry's (more like Kitsch), but then again I probably wouldn't have been exposed to Banksy without Theirry. So I'm thankful Theirry did the only thing he knew how to do, be himself. This movie is a credit to that theme: Be Yourself! My final thought about the film is seeing the process in doing street art. As an artist, for me the doing is the art. People can say your product is one thing and another, but no one has an f-ing clue what's going on in you as you're doing it. That's what art is all about and it's what makes this movie stand out huge for me. (((:-P)))
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Jan 17, 2011