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John, I completely agree with your post and I like the analogy of the nesting dolls. My only adds would be (1) control: a brand is more in the driver's seat on its own site and (2) the unknown: social networks are evolving rapidly, and while some may have staked a clear role in our lives today, who knows what is coming next. It doesn't make sense to me to put all of your brand eggs in one basket, but rather utilize the site you have invested in, as well as the constantly expanding social networks and tools, including mobile as referenced in the previous comment.
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This is a great post, and one that I will pass on to our sales team as well. We have been discussing the most effective way for them to use Twitter, and this story does an eloquent job of summing it all up. It is in the store's best interest to translate the 1-1 in-store customer service they are known for to the social channels. The company has come a long way since one of the Nordstrom family executives was a guest speaker in one of my MBA classes at the University of WA in 1996/7. When asked about their plans for the internet, he said, it was probably not relevant to their business.
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Mar 27, 2011