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Personally, I am against having so many children when our planet is OVERPOPULATED and therre are MILLIONS of unwanted, abandoned, or abused children in the world. Why not forgo having one of your own and take in a foster child or adopt one??? Having said that, I do like the Duggars. They are not perfect, but these children are better off than a lot of children in this world! They have two parents who love them and siblings who are there for them ... They also have a beautiful house. The husband and wife seem to have a very loving relationship too. As for their diet, Michele said that there favorite dinner "in a pinch" (meaning, they are too busy to fix a big dinner) is tater tot casserole. One of the posters said that she makes homemade mashed potatoes, etc. for meals ... Well, good for her. The Duggars eat as well as most Americans, and they seem to be healthy enough! As for everyone's fear that they are not receiving a good education b/c they are home-schooled, Michele said that they take standardized tests every year to make sure they are on track. It isn't hard to meet the minumum expectations of most public schools! Finally, to all the religious zealots who believe that God should decide how many children one has or that we are commanded to have huge families b/c the bible says be fruitful and multiply: Get a grip! If everyone were to have 6+ children in this crowded world, there would be even more starvation and damage to the environment. God gave us a brain for a reason!!!!
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2006 on The Duggar Debate at My Name is Mommy