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Kinda sounds like our housing market in 2005/2006
My plan is actually going down $1/mo (6 dvd's out + streaming). I was furious when I realized discs weren't available as much anymore and they were shifting their focus to streaming. I travel a lot and in some places, there is no internet coverage (or if there is no wifi available on the plane), so I like to have the discs. I always thought of the streaming part as an added bonus, although, I didn't like the fact that they were delivering their content through the internet I pay for and am limited to possible net slowdowns if used too much. Netflix does have the best streaming catalog, but Amazon has been acquiring many titles to compete. This may be interesting to see how it plays out and who ends up with the Starz content. My question is: why is Starz even involved? Why doesn't Netflix go straight to the studios? Guess I just don't quite understand their relationship unless they're the middle man as a distributor?
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Sep 3, 2011