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I prefer Nuba Princigalli (or even Tempire, the previous commenter) version for one reason only: UNIX pipes. By splitting the HTTP request into a separate program, you get a much more useful tool, that can be used not only with HTTP GET output but local files or even clipboard data (use pbpaste or the equivalent for your OS). Commands that do one thing only and well, and use stdin/stdout to communicate are so much more powerful...
I disagree with your view about UNIX unification of interfaces as fd. I think of that as a object-oriented approach to the problem. All of those concepts use fd's to share the common most basic operations (open, read, write, close) with a well defined and common interface. Then you can introspect the real type of the generic file with stat(), for each type a set of extra operations is available, just like you would with a subclass. Best regards,
I had the same problem until I came across Forward::Routes ( So far, I haven't found a problem that Forward::Routes doesn't solve.
Commented Jul 15, 2011 on No title at rjbs
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Congrats, really excellent work.
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Excellent news! I tried to port HTTP::Engine to AnyEvent to use Catalyst apps inside AnyEvent long-running processes, as an admin interface, or webservices interface, and gave up. I wrote AnyEvent::Mojo because of that. Nice to see that I'll have some alternatives.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2009 on PSGI - Perl WSGI at
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