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Martine Peiffer
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oh,i find it very thru,the trust in yourself,trusting your intuition,i used to be part of a loge and after a coven,we played,exersized o lot and under some stress i could accomplish a lot,in my private life i used it as often i could or when i had to see.and the truth appeared for me,through walls,finding objects,everything started with the intuition and the click that said strongly;yes,thats it,very certain,but if something was not quit good with me, i started to doubt because a feeling blocked me,martinexxx
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2010 on Trust Your Intuition at California Psychics®
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every night i dream about the same things,always about my parents,who are dead in real life,but every night they appear in my dream,every my dream they come back from death and they always build up a new life but sometimes it gets worse,a lot of blood,creatures,me being murdererd,chased,you name it...its al inthere,the amount of blood is enormish every time,i had a good childhood and i don t understand why they come back all the time,sometimes i am afraid to go to sleep and every night its the same.because my dreams might begin nicely to see them again and asking them where they have been but when after the horror begins ways a lot and i am sick of it,martinexxx
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Mar 13, 2010