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I live in Vancouver, BC and haven't owned a car - by choice - for nearly 7 years. But my situation is quite extra-ordinary. I work for myself at my home office and so my commute is about 15 seconds. Pretty good transit is just a few blocks away. I don't have a family and am not dating at the moment. If ANY of those factors were to change then my need for a car would as well. Immediately! That's why I commend the author for taking the time to bring a little common sense to the Age of Lack of Intellect. Here on Canada's Left Coast (in more ways than one) we have some of the most arrogant (& vacuous) Kumbaya Latte Drinking Limousine Liberal environmentalists anywhere in the world. They have tried to stop the building of bridges & improvement of roads and have encouraged dramatic tax increases to gasoline to prevent working class people from driving. In a nutshell they are open to virtually anything that will force people to adhere to their world view ... without a microsecond of thought to the consequences. I have some good friends who live in a suburb called Langley, that's about an hour's drive southeast of Vancouver. They have a daughter who's very busy in many activities. Both parents work, in different directions, one half an hour away from home and the other an hour or more away. When the Kumbaya crowd started suggesting that people like them should get rid of their cars and start taking transit (which would mean upwards of 2 - 3 hours each way) I definitively knew I was fighting the good fight against them! Heads up: Our Far Left City Council, in their infinite [lack of] wisdom, has decided to waste $1 Million on this experiment: In late June, go to YouTube and search for these words: Burrard Bridge bicycle. There you will find a time-lapse video shot by yours truly which will accurately show 3 packed lanes of traffic going one way, two fairly full lanes of traffic coming the other way, and one almost empty line of bicycles. Tied in with this video will be a "special" message for all potential Olympic visitors next February!