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ecofriendly biologist traveler trying to understand her world at
Interests: travel, animals, canoeing, biology, hiking, reading, writing, photography, baseball, poetry, vending
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Thanks! I actually have two masters' degrees. I use this to remind myself that I never need to return to school again whenever I get that academic itch. And I am very, very glad about being done. Doing a triathalon of some sort is also on my list, tho I think the sprint triathalon is more my speed. Agreed on paper to-do lists versus electronic due to distraction. When I need to work in a focused manner, I need devices off and not open and tempting me. I often scrounge nice erasers. It's a bit different in college, I think, but I have tons of students who either bequeath me school supplies when they graduate, leave them in my room, or get intercepted as they are heading to the garbage. I keep a pile of extra paper, pencils, binders etc in my room for all my forgetful students.
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Also, the braces have helped considerably with hand swelling. When I first got them, I cut the velcro straps so I didn't have tons of velcro. I was worried I cut the straps too short. After some time of wearing them, too short of a strap is definitely not a problem! I won't recut the straps -- they're not that long -- but it's a nice measure that the braces are helping.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2014 on Carpal Tunnel at penn
Thank you! Prom went well -- the kids were happy and behaved well enough. So many beautiful dresses! I actually came back a little early because some boys have an early morning soccer game, so I chaperoned their bus back. I'm feeling pretty good today; perhaps a little sore because I did some dancing.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2014 on Prom 2014 at penn
Yes, the feet pics are amazing. You'll get there! The hormones make me super emotional too at times. We decided to kick it old school, but I don't fault anyone who wants to know what they're getting before-hand.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2014 on Ultrasound pics at penn
If we had to commute, then we'd have two cars. But since we don't commute, we're good to go.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2014 on Car sharing at penn
My favorite wedding moment was actually attending the wedding of two people I don't know. The groom was the college roommate of my boyfriend, and I had met him exactly one time in passing on the street in Minneapolis. Neither of us knew the bride. But the wedding ceremony was such a beautiful reflection of them that I actually feel much closer to them now. They had communion, they involved his retired minister grandpa and their current minister, and they customized their vows. It was just a lovely celebration of who they were, individually and as a couple. I hope my someday wedding will be half as lovely as theirs.
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Mar 15, 2010
The new design reminds me far too much of blogger, which is a platform I didn't like. I've kept typepad for years specifically because I liked the platform and didn't mind paying money for it. I don't like having to look at different pages to see new comments, new posts, etc. I liked having it all on one dashboard. At this exact moment, I'm switching back because I can't figure out how to see ALL my old posts in a specific category, and I want to edit an old post (for my 101 things). I DO like the new stats page, but that's not enough to keep me with the new design.
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