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Peter Leighton : Penny Prints Press
Tumbaco, Ecuador
Down the rabbit hole. A submerging artist. Wish you were here.
Interests: social networking, art, movies, music, photography, digital printmaking
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Sep 20, 2011
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Mar 15, 2010
Thoughtfully considered, Mr. Davey. And I think you're right on, not only regarding the movement toward open edition digital prints and away from limited editions, but also regarding pricing. Over the past year, I've seen a dramatic downward trend in giclee pricing online. Original digital art prints, for example, in the 17x22 inch range and once selling for $200-$300 are now being offered at below $100. Many of these images sold by print-on-demand online galleries attempting to aggregate as much content as they can in one place to get the biggest bang for their buck. Thus feeding the notion that digital art prints, no matter their quality, are disposable art objects, to be enjoyed for the moment, but not collected. My only concern with this trend is that not all digital printmaking processes are equal. I have yet to purchase an image from a print-on-demand gallery, but one has to wonder if the image one gets from a 3rd party volume printer, with whom the artist has had little contact, is of the same quality the artist might have intended. At this point, I'm content to continue to print my own work and charge a little more for it rather than give up control over what the final print looks like. In terms of price, I consider my original work to be in a sale category somewhere between offset lithographic art reproductions and traditionally printed, limited edition fine art originals. Which, I think, fits within the criteria you've set out in your post today. Many thanks for giving me a different perspective on what's happening in the market. As always.
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