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Your thinking explains why we have ditactors in Africa because we always seem to think no other person can run the country the way the current president is doing. If Fru Nid were to resign today, you will see more vibrant people coming forth to run the party. What they are afraid of is Fru Ndi, because if they dare raise their heads, they will be kicked out of the party. You can cite the exmaples yourself. You can't judge people when they have not been given the chance.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2009 on Fru Ndi Told To Resign at Up Station Mountain Club
People like Kelong George are a true reflection of what the Cameroonian Society is. They use their positions to sleep around with girls while promising them heaven and earth. The story about him being HIV positive may be a lie, but there is certainly an element of truth in the way he has interacted with girls. No smoke without fire
This sounds to me like someone is thinking ahead and in his own way trying to help promote democracy. Fur Ndi has clearly outlived his usefulness and all that is left of his actions is to get kickbacks from the dangerous regime in Cameroon. All the opposition figure-heads seem to think that if you are a founder of a party, you have to rule it until you die. It is shame that it is taken this long for people like Fru Ndi to be exposed. I have always suspected his aims ever since the SDF was launched, because of the violent demonstrations they carried out in which lives and property were loss. People like the opposition figures in Cameroon are just like revolutionalist with confused ideas.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2009 on Fru Ndi Told To Resign at Up Station Mountain Club
What now for Abel Ndeh? Would he be arrested and charged for mismanagement? He has made Bamenda to look like a God-forsaken place.
There is more to this that meets the eye. I think we might be seeing an anglophone uprising in Cameroon already. I think it is high time people got ready for the worst because Southern Cameroons Independent is at hand. This is how troops sent by La Republique will die. One anglophone student killed is equal to 21 La Repuplique's armed men.