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Ryemom and others.....I promise this is the last time I will comment on the 'anonymous' issue because it is taking away from what is really important......keeping our children safe and from being unnecessarily fearful of physical harm. An 'intensely private' person probably would not post on a blog. But whatever, that is solely my opinion. I do not give much merit to anonymous posts. I may regret my decision to post my opinion in my real name, but at least I have the 'balls' to accept whatever comes my way as a result. Hazing/Bullying/Paddling is wrong. Causing children to feel fear in this situation is wrong. There is no gray area in my book. It is very easy to sign my name to this viewpoint.
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Fear of something is why people do not write their real names and choose to be anonymous. Fear. It is not a comfortable feeling. It is the same feeling that all those eighth graders were feeling on Freshman Friday. And in previous years where there may have been eighth graders finding this 'tradition' amusing, there have been plenty more eighth graders feeling fear. Peer pressure is a very strong element. It can make these children lie about being scared. It can prevent these children from showing their own injuries to their parents. Fear is there and everyone can pretend that it isn't. I have no respect for anyone who attacks people on any of these blogs without signing their name, It is weak and cowardly.......just like bullying.
Yes I have been quite verbal. I have been verbal on the blogs, on FB, with friends, acquaintances and family. I have been MOST verbal with my children and their friends, all of whom are directly involved in this matter. I have comforted them, lectured them and opened the discussion to hear all about their viewpoints and feelings on the matter. I asked them how they think this incident should be handled and how we should go forward. I have read everything everyone has written over and over again and this is what I have discovered. Having little to no experience on the Rye blogs, i see that smart people will use an incident to like this to promote their own political issues. I skim right over these people. I see that there are people who will not write their true identity. I find this cowardly. By my own authentication, I have put my children in harm's way.....ripe for retaliation by those who do not agree with me. I have risked losing friends who may be parents of juniors and are protecting their children as I protect mine. If this publication or the others had balls, they would not even publish anything that was not signed with a real name. These are the same people that say this town has 'no balls' by making a big deal out of 'Freshman Friday" Such charming people, really. So Jay, just because people are not speaking out loud enough for you to hear, people are speaking out. The fate of the three juniors is now in the hands of the judicial system. (Of course there are many other juniors who were involved and walk freely.) Although I do not condone what they did and they must be accountable, I feel sorry for them and their parents. They are just beginning their lives and they have made some seriously bad choices. I hope they learn from whatever consequences are dealt to them so they can recover and make better choices. But YES, I feel sick for what happened to our eighth graders and my heart goes out to not only them but to all the children across the country in bad neighborhoods and in good ones like ours, who deal with bullying all the time.......who live in fear of being harmed day in and day out. This is what motivates me. I want to find specific ways to prevent this from happening again. I do not want children to feel fear. Does anyone???
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Jun 13, 2012