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Wading into this a couple of months late. But hey, ain't that what asynchrony was designed for... The reason: I want to make a couple of points. 1. I think a list of exiting plugins as well as how they might be pedagogically appropriated would be better than an off the shelf one-size-fits-all DS mega-plugin. This would allow educators to mix it up how they like, experiment with new ideas, grow the tech as it evolves and generally keep the system diverse (cf. complexity theory). 2. If you do this it also puts the responsibility of the learning design back in the hands of the educator. If there's always gonna be someone else who builds the tools, then educators are going to continue being deskilled in this department. And that's a crap deal for learners in the long run.
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Adapting to a new environment is tough for organisations that have a sense of academic rigor on systems that inhibit revolutionary change. It will be interesting to whether the current political climate will actually facilitate new structures (private and smaller Universities) that are more adaptable, perhaps through a ruthless focus on perceived 'customer demand'? I think you were robbed. The 10 years previous argument is very crafty but essentially an abuse of logic!
I've never thought of it like this before - that there are features (or emergent innovations?) of MOOCies that can effectively be transferred to traditional learning environments. I think there's a lot to be learned here than meets the early eye, and so am comforted by George's move to construct a research team for the Autumn MOOC (which I am sooo looking foward to!)...
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mmm indeed. the whole online identity is so up for abuse - wonder what will emerge in SoMe circles in response to the need for authenticity...
Used the last line of this report to drive home a point today. Worked a treat!
Toggle Commented May 19, 2011 on Social networks and education at The Ed Techie would be a colder alternative... let me know if you up for it? Sensible Q: What is the Social Media equivalent to the marathon?
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Your Wiki page is a great curation of emerging example of creative collaboration (of which by product is 'deep'? learning). I find these sorts of things quite inspiring. Often more the process than the content. What will they (we?) think of next...!
Highly relevant argument Martin. The emergence of e-book readers (Kindle etc.) have changed the nature of publishing, but it's hard to beat a good old print & bound... Joss - I suspect that the quick turnaround of your innovative service will only become more in demand. Hope it's going well.
'It's worth doing because it is tough' Now there's a man who lives for the challenge! Love it. Good feet - big question is: what next?! (
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