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The 100-400 with and without the extender is a remarkable lens. I've had a few long tele's Canon, Olympus and Leica R over the last fifty years. The Fuji is without doubt the best I have ever used. Down the focal length scale the 55-200 is every bit as good and light to boot. At the small end I really love the 27mm, so cheap it almost comes in cereal packets. Fuji have always made good lenses I had a fifty on a Fujica for a while and I regret ever selling it, this current crop of Fuji lenses will have to be prised out of my cold dead hands. And I would humbly suggest you keep yours they are the best in many respects. You never know when you may need them!
Every format has its uses but I suspect that FF digital may die first, that mirror thing is too noisy. My Pentax 67 can scare flocks of birds away - it's happened. Even the average DSLR can draw many shush 'es . But the little Pen F or the Fuji XT2 can be used in the quietest passages at a classical concert or at those once in a life time 'I Do ' moments. Mirrors take up space and are expensive to assemble, tedious to clean and demand heavy large lenses. Besides FF was just a step in the natural development of this great technically dictated art. The jump from the stretched rectangle of 35mm film to mirrorless with a series of sensitive sensible proportions is inevitable. The mirrorless advantages are just too numerous to compare with those mirror thingies anyway So Goodbye full frame may be not next week or next year but certainly it's digital days are numbered
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The XT2 'S' is almost here and it has ibis. I'm in a similar position still using an X pro 1 after my M9 kit was brutally stolen. Lens wise I am hard pressed to differentiate the IQ between the Leica glass and the Fuji and much to my wife's delight the cost is significantly less. Then when the desire or need for Zeiss arises they are available too! For me the Fuji system is as good as it gets aperture ring and exposure compensation in the right place. My only 'Bah' with the X pro 1 is that being a six year old camera it is slow. But the XT2 or S will resolve that.
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Nov 11, 2013