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I respect the WAY scouts evaluate certain measurables but there are intangibles that are being ignored in the face of desperate need... I broke down every piece of tape I could find on RYAN TANNEHILL and BRANDON WEEDEN and, having watched every complete game let me tell you my 30 second analysis: Tannehill is an athletic kid playing over his head against bad competition and getting eaten alive against decent teams who is a nice athlete but not a "winner" at the qb position. To say he's "mistake-prone" is like saying it rains "a bit" during baseball season in Miami. He might have the exact same value as a Chad Henne (who also had nice numbers, btw) but clearly not a winner and My God, So NOT a top ten pick!! He might be a 3rd rounder in fact! His play in clutch situations was so bad, he got SO rattled when he should have been calm that he actually got his head coach fired. The same coach now running our offense. Why would you revisit that failure as a coach? WEEDEN is a whole other animal.... So he's old, so what? I watched a guy with a command of the field, anticipating throws long before the break was made, adjusting play calls at the line and possessing a CANNON of an arm! The kind of arm that could excel in Buffalo, New England and NY once a year when we play our divisional opponents. Yes, the ball would sail on him from time to time, but more after than not his passes were amazing. I don't care that he's 29. He's the best, most NFL ready QB the Dolphins have an opportunity to sign! Let someone else make the TANNEHILL mistake, we already had our PAT WHITE. We should grab the best player available in the first and draft WEEDEN as our QB of the future. The guy is THAT good! Go Phins! :-)
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Armando, I'm COMPLETELY confused. Haven't you been observing the same owner/GM/Head Coach for a few years now? It's clear that they 1) Identify a problem 2) Clumsily attempt to address the problem by publicly pursuing a solution to said problem 3) Fail miserably to secure said solution to the problem THEY themselves identified 4) Attempt to "spin" the events into a "we have faith that the thing we ourselves identified as a problem will now, because we couldn't do anything about it, be somehow magically better". 5) Feel "SICK" when fans boo and express their displeasure with the problem that the Owner/GM/Coach themselves identified. The Miami Dolphins may well be the hypocritical organization in sports right now. From Ireland insulting Dez Bryant through Stephen Ross prediciting Super Bowls, chasing Harbough (badly) to Ireland inability to draft a QB of the future or secure decent competition for our Henne Interception Robot Simulator to Sparano giving Henning free reign to make one terrible offensive call after another.... These guys aren't very good. So there you are calling for Braylon Edwards? Armando, Jerry Rice in his PRIME couldn't fix these Dolphins. We don't have a QB. Until we do we'll just be a 7-9 team with a mouthful of rationalizations and excuses for another wasted year. Braylon Edwards? Please. THEY COULDN'T UPGRADE THE QB POSITION IN 8 MONTHS OF TRYING. Bill Cowher is going to get a ton of money next year to come in and do Ireland and Sparano's job. And believe me, he won't be signing The Matador (Colombo - OLE!) at RT and moving Carey to RG and somehow thingking that's gonna be enough to fix the offense's problems. He's going to FIX THE PROBLEM. One way or another, via draft or free agency or both, we're going to get a QB next year. Screw Braylon Edwards and his never met a ball he couldn't drop nonsense. Marshall already gives us THAT ability in spades. We need a QB. PERIOD.
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Aug 11, 2011