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I agree, free them all from the hotels. Free them straight onto a bus, then a plane & take them back home where they belong
So I guess that this means that none of us have to obey these virus mandates, sounds reasonable to me. The PM did say everyone is equal, if he can flaunt the rules then so can we
So if raising inflection = lying, Tracey - go listen to queen anustacia of qld
Yep, your data is safe, just rust the lying pondscum. Just like your QR checkin data was safe & ONLY used for covid tracing, until some copper lost a taser or something. If this pondscum premier told me the sun was in the sky I would go out & check before I believed it.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2022 on Why stop at RAT results? at Michael Smith News
Perhaps unions could give up their tax free status to help fund it? Maybe even chip in some $$ ?
If it psses off china then it is probably the correct thing for us to do.
ND on the sign isn't the issue. Dictator Dan is
As with most things involving lawyers there is a get out clause. Below I have capitalised the relevant bit from their policy All partners, employees, contractors, clients, visitors and service providers ACCESSING OUR OFFFICES and events will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or have an accepted medical contraindication.
Stupid me. I thought aiding & abetting a criminal was a crime. Obviously not if you are a lefty
I'll go, if they pay me enough & pick up my expenses
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2020 on How much would you pay? at Michael Smith News
Sums up Dan the mans labor government? Nope sums up the whole left wing side of politics, it is more important you don't risk hurting somebodys feelings, than possible saving (as has been shown) 100s of lives
The big fear isn't Joe. It is who will be the real president (unelected) if Joe wins.
Why the stop off at Christmas Island? Just send them back to where they came from.
An average of $12300 per withdrawal, oh no, the end of the world is upon us
They obviously have cash look at the amount of botox etc. Plus they can afford to go to Melbourne for a party. Make them reimburse all businesses & the gov for any and all costs incurred as a result of their stupidity. If someone contracts it & dies as a result of these morons then charge them with murder. Once everything have is taken from them to reimburse the innocent then, as they appear to be new Australians, deport them.
As per normal with this sort of thing that seems counter intuitive FOLLOW THE MONEY
because her job skills are only exceeded by her fantastic fashion sense
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2020 on Polka dots. Discuss. at Michael Smith News
Why is she wearing a twister floor mat?
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2020 on Polka dots. Discuss. at Michael Smith News
I have said it before, and will keep saying it. Any new arrival or dual citizen convicted of any crime with a possible sentence of 1 year or more should automatically be deported. If they want to fight against deportation they can do it from wherever they are deported to.
It should be automatic, be convicted of any crime with a possible sentence of 1 year or more & out you go. This should also apply to any dual nationals
Well, you know, they do have to crack down hard on the thought crimes, you can't have someone not toe the left line
Stories like is why we need deportations properly codified in law, so that they cannot be interfered with. Something like be convicted of any crime with a possible sentence of 1 year or more then mandatory automatic deportation upon release. No appeals allowed whilst in this country, don't think the deportation is fair, appeal after you arrive at your destination.
We can't risk opening it, we do not have enough spare sewerage farm capacity to cope with what will come out.