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eb, There are some rather large flaws with this paper. I don't have the opportunity to point them all out, but I can point you to Mark Lieberman's excellent discussion of them over at Language Log, Although, I disagree with you, I really like your blog! Keep up the good work; you have challenged me to reevaluate many things. ======================== BLOGGER: Thanks. If you can't learn from the people you disagree with, who can you learn from?
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2011 on Last Common Language was in Africa at Babel's Dawn
Interesting thought, but the idea of inherent emotion in music is false. Think of how we (as Westerners) tend to think of minor notes and chords as 'sad' or 'melancholy,' yet the same chords are used in 'happy' songs. Major notes and chords can be used in 'sad' music, even though we try to call them 'happy.' Plus, different people have different reactions to music. I love a good metal song, but my wife hates it. How can that create unity?
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Feb 15, 2011