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"I'm not that familiar with Rand's work". That would have been a good place to stop. Because it is fiction. Contrasting fictional worlds to real worlds.. well you are kinda arguing with something that doesn't exist. Hard work. If one tries to be objective, well from 100,000 feet up -- the "Gold Standard" is pretty crazy. At one time it would have made more sense to have "Tulip Bulb" standard currency. However, the current faith-based alternative looks about a thousand times crazier than Gold or Tulip bulbs. Because there is nothing but faith in the US Government that secures the current system. Which is pretty much the definition of a Ponzi -Scheme. And pretty much the definition of "Fictional". So I guess you are not far off the mark by that turnabout. The argument is about one fictional world vs another. Economic arguments today mirror the political ones. The Federation vs Klingons look very real by comparison.
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Stuart, you are correct. We are all looking for the universal chat-phone application. Having a chat client that does jabber and SIP is getting there. As for iPhone-ATT-gVoice, a little thing called and an iPhone with a SIP client can do that pretty well. "That" being free incoming and outgoing domestic long distance call to PSTN. It can do it "Very well " with a Jail-Broken phone, over the 3G network. What is the end-result of these application restrictions? Long blog posts about how to cheat the "evil ones". Ironically Mr. Jobs, the "evil" in this case are Apple and ATT, not Google. Funny thing; people quietly innovate around corporate barriers to communication.
A PDF or JPG via email really is the way to go here: Unified Archiving, simple to use. Fax over VOIP to TCP = crazy inefficiencies . Maybe I am the one that is crazy, in that case, bringing back Teletype by interfacing it to TCP-IP, and it could replace email and twitter.
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Feb 3, 2010