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I experienced in one project at a customer, that burn down charts started to come handy for PMs to track the remaining effort (we are talking waterfall with 4 releases/year here). Especially since tools like JIRA show these nice plugins. They wanted all kinds of burndowns - one for the whole release, one for each feature, one for a two weeks period (with a replanning meeting but no review/retrospectives). The whole thing was totally useless, because we didn't agree on any done criterias, we didn't focus on one feature (despite my warnings that there might be nothing complete to deliver at the end). And that visualization on the board like you mentioned would be more helpful (we used to have board for exactly this purpose, but we were forced to change everything after they started this "lean IT initiative").
Toggle Commented May 14, 2012 on Busy Burning Down Sprint Tasks at Agile Coaching
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May 14, 2012