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Hi exposing arbonne... I followed the link you provided, and I saw the name. But the other case intrigued me- Baldovinos vs. Arbonne. Well, I tried to find Daniel Baldovinos, in and on google (no luck). On a whim, I went to the Arbonne internet consultant site... You are NOT going to believe this! If you are an Arbonne consultant, go to the internet consultant website, to the survey page for field support, and click on the drop down box - you'll see where Eric Cooper's name is still published as a field rep- and LOOK FOR DANIEL BALDOVINO. VIOLA. He is listed as an employee for Arbonne. But accoring to the Orange County courts, Daniel Baldovinos is suing Arbonne, and the case is now pending. I googled the lawyers website (the ones representing Daniel Baldovinos)- which is Spence Hughes & Associates. Their positioning statement is: "Because, for so many of us, our identity and financial stability is reliant upon our employment status, it is often too difficult to stand alone and take needed action to ensure that we are being treated in a manner that is in compliance with the law. It is for this reason, that our firm was created. We provide legal advocacy to employees who find themselves trapped in workplace environments wrought with discriminatory, harassive and retaliatory conduct. We handle wrongful termination and whistle blowing cases as well as wage and hour issues. We also handle cases that involve both, private and public employees. A corollary service offered by our firm provides education to employers and employee organizations. This service recognizes that without education, any hope of bringing an end to discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and the like will never flourish into a reality." Eric- if you are reading this, and if you are being harrassed,- post employment- contact this law firm, which already has one case going to trial against Arbonne...
Btitni, Before you get too heavily invested in Arbonne, go to ebay and search "arbonne". You'll find over 2,000 units available. I just bid and won on the Intelligence skin care set, and where it's supposed to retail at $140, and wholesale at $93, I bought it (with shipping) for $80. You'll note that all of the sellers state that they are not affiliated with Arbonne Int'l... which is normally not true. On the first set that I bid on, the price only reached $45, but the reserve wasn't met. So, the seller sent me a message, stating that she's an Arbonne Consultant and she was willing to sell the kit at the wholesale price of $93, plus she'd pay the tax and shipping. If you are not affiliated with Arbonne, technically, you can sell all of your fiance's inventory on ebay. If I was going to sell arbonne, that would be the only place I'd sell it, because then I wouldn't ruin my relationships with my neighbors, family, friends, co-workers, church goers... Good luck!
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2006 on Helloooooo!!!!! at Arbonne Scam
My story is similar to many here, but I was persuaded by a co-worker to join Arbonne, because it was a "new company" and a great opportunity for me, my daughters, and my sisters. My friend is in our inside sales department, and whenever I'd call her, she'd zip through business and then spend 40 minutes telling me about how much money she's making on Arbonne, and how she FINALLY reached "DM"... well, I found out from another sales guy that he got zonkered- she mailed him a RE-9 kit, and he let his wife use it... once he said he'd buy it, he got the bill for $280!!! I also found out that dealers that would call her to check on product wouldn't hear about our availability, but about this great lotion for their faces. Therefore, I sent her the following e-mail. She called me today, and is royally ticked off. I lost a friend, but hopefully, she will get to keep her job. I think she was so mad because I called her on the carpet, but since she is older (55+), and needs 3 years with the company to maximize her retirement, I hope I did her a favor. Sorry for the long post, but for those of you who are affectionately called "Arbots"... well, if you jeapordize your REAL career to promote Arbonne, you are worse than an Arbot. You are an Ar-bidiot. Dear my friend, I am worried for you. I know that you are excited about Arbonne, but have you noticed how much you are talking about it during the day? (Our Company) doesn't pay you to talk about Arbonne, or to send Arbonne's stuff with (Our Company's)postage. When people call you, if the conversation diverts to Arbonne, frankly, you are doing a disservice to (Our Company). Some people react differently to sales pressure for something they don't want. Some may stop calling you, because they don't want to be saddled with more lotion. Some dealers may stop taking your calls. Others might not complain to you, but start complaining to other people. (It's hard to be confrontational to a nice person- that's why I'm doing this in e-mail and not on the phone.... ) It will only be a matter of time before your effectiveness as an inside sales manager is lost. Here's what worries me, (my friend).(Our Company) has the right to record all calls from your line. IF one person- salesperson or dealer- complains to the "right person" about you promoting Arbonne, personnel would investigate. They'd monitor your phone line. What would they hear? How many calls did you make yesterday to promote (Our Company), versus Arbonne? Are you worried about the end of the quarter approaching for (Our Company's) sales, or are you focused on promoting the Arbonne holiday line? I think you've seen it happen to one of your friends- (Our Company) will have no mercy- you're done. It doesn't matter how many years you've been with the company, or if you've had a shining record thus far. Early retirement, fired, whatever they call it. I don't think you can afford that. That is why I'm worried. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I felt that if I don't say anything, the other guys won't either, until it's too late. I don't want to be on the sidelines saying, "I knew this was gonna happen".... I thought maybe I was the only person you were talking to, but I've heard through the grapevine that I'm not. I've known you since 2003, and I care about you, both as a friend, and as a co-worker. I hope you don't get mad, but I hope you think about it. Patty. P.S. SHE GOT MAD.
PDYOR- yes, that is a great point. I'm the one with a corporate friend (CSR) that just became embalmed in the orange fog. She called me today to ask me to fly into town on a Sunday night so I can go to her "holiday open house". Hmm... that means if I would agree, that my company would absorb a $100+ hotel room, plus my meals for Sunday, so I can go Arbonning!!! Yikes. BTW, if there is a webmaster that reads our comments, it'd be great if the comments above me were organized in pages... I've been away for a couple of days, and it always takes me time to figure out where I've left off... Lastly, "still involved", I feel your pain! And if you ever want to bartend, you should consider moving to Florida, where most bars are smoke free :-)
Wozzy- sell your stuff on e-bay. Let the buyers know that they are slightly used kits, and cut your losses. You can still take it off you taxes. Good luck!
kukendal6, I recommend checking out e-bay before you sign up. There are over 2100 auctions today for "Arbonne", and all of the seller's say they aren't consultants. I just bought the skin care set, with bonus skin oil and bag, for $63. I think it retails for $150? Oh, and there are a bunch of sample sets on sale, so if you do decide to do the business, you can always get the sample sets from e-bay- last time I checked, you could get 10 sample sets for $25 (compared to $10 each directly from Arbonne). Arbots will tell you to NEVER buy off of e-bay, because you just don't know what you're getting, but that's the cool thing about e-bay's feedback system. As long as the seller has a good feedback rating, chances are, you are getting the real thing.
Eric, I officially became a "consultant" when I paid the $29 in August and ordered $150 of stuff. On the Arbonne order page, it says that I qualify for an RSVP of $700 of product for only $350, and I think it's offered for the first 2 months as a "new consultant". I guess it's like a grand opening or opening order promotion. Sorry for the confusion. As for the company policy, I'd have to check. I know that her boss knows that she's "doing the Arbonne thing", but I have no idea if they realize how much time she's wasting at work with Arbonne.
Eric- The link doesn't work: "document not found"... did you happen to save a copy? I can't believe I almost fell for the orange dream. My corporate friend- who is supposed to be selling our products via inside sales- spent 45 minutes on the phone with me yesterday- 7 minutes was work (I timed it), and the remaining 38 was about the Orlando Act meeting, the holiday specials, and getting my daughters involved. So, where she used to produce about 60 calls per day, at this rate, she'll be down to 10 calls per day. I used to call her because I knew I could get the information quick, and now I dread it when she calls me. I'm thinking our corporate customers are also cringing when she calls, because it's not about selling our product, but orange fog. I got an email yesterday, reminding me that the RSVP offer - "Get $700 worth of stuff for $350"- expires on the 30th. So NOW when it's crunch time for our company- end of 3d quarter goals and bonuses- instead of calling her, I'm avoiding her, because her personal agenda is Arbonne. I wonder if Corporate America is aware of how much wasted time this stuff perpetuates?
Eric- I'd tell her, but she's out of town, at the conference in Orlando! PDYOR- I've implicated myself on this website, because if she sees my post, she'll know I wrote about her! I guess the true "gift" will be on Monday, when I call in to check on the status of some orders, and I talk to her. If she deviates to her Orlando experience, I'm gonna tell her that she needs to google Arbonne Scam to see what happens. If she finds my posts, I'll apologize later!
Just want you to know that I've been lurking around this website for the last couple of weeks, just reading all of the posts. I've worked at a large corporation for the last 15 years, and one of our customer service reps has recently joined Arbonne. When I call in to give her an order, I cringe, because after 5 minutes of business, the conversation ... that takes another 25 minutes... is about this new opportunity with an up-and-coming company called Arbonne, that is going to take off any day. If the company we work for had any clue how much time she wastes on their phonebill, as they pay her to service our product... when she is really pitching Arbonne, they would fire her. She mailed me an Arbonne sample (in a corporate envelope, paid by our company). A couple of weeks agao, we were together at an off-site meeting, and she asked me to sign up. I paid the $29 and bought $150 of stuff. I received my welcome packet, and the products are fine. Not AWESOME, but acceptable. Fortunately for me, I found this website. I had an "opening order" of about $1800 put together, but instead of processing it, I googled "Arbonne scam" and found this site. Thanks, Eric and everyone else, for your candid posts. I feel very relieved that I didn't get lured in to the unrealistic dreams of easy money. Now, I just have to find a way to avoid the Arbots that have infiltrated our company, so that they don't keep bugging me to recruit my sisters and my daughters.