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When I was recently divorced, I had a weird run of luck in my quest for Sex With a New Person: three or four guys in a row who couldn't get it up. And I was always like "Oh, okay. Here, give me your hand, I wanna show you how to give me an orgasm." Because, first of all, it would be really shitty to make a huge thing out of it (sometimes my brain and genitals don't cooperate with each other, too...we're only human) and secondly, I pretty much only climax from hand jobs, anyway. None of those guys ever called me again, although I meant it when I asked them to. I'm not sure whether their disappearance stemmed from Madonna/whore complex, embarrassment at their "failure", or something else entirely. It would make me especially sad if it was the second option because I didn't see those encounters as "failures" at all. An attentive guy who gives me multiple orgasms isn't a failure, he's a treasure - erection or no erection. Anyway, thanks for this awesome post. :)
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2011 on Lesbian Sex With Men at Greta Christina's Blog
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Mar 7, 2011