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Andy Lester
McHenry, IL
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So should we just punt on Spanning Sync entirely? Try to find a way just to do calendars? What are our options?
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Right now, what I hear a lot is that recruiters tend to say things like "Its very hard to find qualified Perl programmers", or "I'm not seeing a lot of young people interested in Perl". The problem there, I think, is not that recruiters say those things, but that those things are true, at least for that recruiter's experience. It's good to help recruiters learn, but we have to address those underlying problems as well.
How about The Pursuit Of Happiness's "I'm An Adult Now"?
Don Lonie is not a creepy dude! His "Don Lonie Talks To Teenagers" is fantastic 60s-ish advice to teens.
I know some of these from Rhino's "Golden Throats" comps. You'll later be posting the "Like a Rolling Stone", I hope?
The part that makes the auction drag on is that there is so much uninteresting stuff. "OK, who will bid on one of these three copies of this book, Perl For Whatever?" Blah blah blah. That's the kind of stuff a silent auction is ideal for. Top three bids on the sheet of paper win the copy of the book. I think the more appropriate analogy than a telethon is watching QVC. You know what makes cool live auction items? Larry Wall action figures. Copy #0 of "Perl Best Practices" signed by Damian. The right to change the color on's home page. Things that are unique and that there is high demand for. For that matter, there was a TPF auction at OSCON one year where the lack of interest in a copy of a Sybex book on Perl I edited turned into a bidding war to get me to eat the book. I think that's an appropriate way to look at things.
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Isn't it kinda awesome to see your book cover? :-)
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See also Sammy Davis Jr. singing the Hawaii Five-O theme.
And the Sylvers! How could you not mention the Sylvers!?