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Peter Fairley
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This just in from Life Gives You Lemons Productions: Mark 'The Marquis' Schleifstein hits the catwalk at the Setai Hotel following the Society of Environmental Journalists' awards gala in Miami. The event was hosted by #SEJMiami conference co-chair Jeff Burnside with NBC Miami and Vanessa Hauc, environment reporter for Telemundo Network. What inspired Mark and former SEJ president Dan Fagin to step out of their "normal" personalities -- one a mild-mannered reporter in a major metropolitan area, the other Gotham's tweediest academic? The eco-Friendly Runway fashion show on Miami's fast-living South Beach, which followed SEJ's awards presentations. The show featured... Continue reading
The Society of Environmental Journalists' Miami conference energy tour forged forward today, pursuing better understanding of South Florida's energy options in spite of a disinvitation by local nuclear reactor operator Florida Power & Light. The visiting journalists saw FPL's Turkey Point nuclear power plant from the water as it crossed over to Biscayne Bay National Park and its recently-completed solar power installation. Park staff expect to earn back the $400+ thousand investment in solar panels, batteries and efficiency upgrades in seven years. The primary environmental benefit, however, is immediate: slashing use of their diesel generator from 24/7 operation to just... Continue reading
A report from the Thursday Wildlife Tour exploiting some nascent SEJ-inspired video skills ... (with apologies to Newsweek) Peter Fairley Independent Author, Journalist & Editor First Vice President, Society of Environmental Journalists +1 250 514 6248 / / Continue reading
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Oct 20, 2010