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Great suggestions Ben: I'm going to have to take a look at your own book for sure. I bought "The Entrepreneurs Manual" back in the very early '80s and used it as a framework to write a business plan and proposal for an Business Incubator business to start up in Silicon Valley. It was around the time that Nolan Bushnel and his crew had released his first set of PC games that you could play by using a TV as the video screen and was way before Netscape or the internet was established ~ ah yes; I remember those days so well! We've come a very long way in such a relatively short space of time. The Manual was - and is, if you can get a copy - a terrific book for a startup if you plan to venture into producing some form of physical product, Biotech or other such business that has large, upfront capital requirements and a long gestation period between initial idea and customer-ready/deliverable product. The Manual is, however, perhaps not the best book for the typical web based startup of today: It is too involved in details that most web businesses do not need to worry about to get up and running. For example, while very clear and helpful in guiding you through the process of creating a business plan, yet by the time a business plan has been developed, your competition will most likely already be ahead of you ready to launch beta service if not full production. Also bear in mind that most VC's for web business type opportunities do not care about your wonderfully detailed plans as much as they care about demonstrable results: In fact, for a web business, presenting a detailed plan my have them may even think that you are too anally retentive to be suited to a web based startup opportunity. You may even have to pivot during the initial stages to move in a quite different direction than originally seen as the realities of the ever changing market place and potential is discovered/verified thus rendering the wonderfully crafted Biz Plan moot if not actually having it become a drag on potential. So for web startup guidance, perhaps by far the best information available today lies in books and seminars presented by people such as Eric Ries who's books "Startup Lessons Learned" (also a web blog by this title) and "The Lean Startup" ~ are not only a whole pile cheaper than "The Entrepreneurs Manual" by today's Amazon price but also far more relevant.
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Feb 14, 2011