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I don't understand. My penis? What about it?
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2010 on The Misandry Bubble at The Futurist
btw, some good buddies of mine are very into the whole PUA routine. These guys are highly intelligent and successful and come from a variety of backgrounds. They got into the PUA routine just a few months ago and it has worked wonders for them. Before, they would go to a bar and talk to each other like everyone else. Now they are "opening sets" left, right and center. By the end of the night, they have either picked up, gone over to the girl's place or at the very least scored a bunch of numbers for later. Not bad seeing as how they didn't really get much action prior to this new game. And the best part is they view it all as a tree algorithm. You should hear the crazy stuff that comes out of these guys' mouths. Sometimes they get a negative response, but all they want is a response and to be remembered, possibly more. It does take time and immense reading to become good at being a PUA. I don't really have the time to do what they're doing but am naturally quite good at it. Any good resources you know that I can pass to them. They have "The Game" and other books that I can't readily recall.
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2010 on The Misandry Bubble at The Futurist
GK, A few years ago a man came knocking at the door of my fraternity house. He wanted to talk to us about something and we gave him some time to make his point. The problem was were young, stupid and also quite inebriated at any given time. And, we loved women (and still do!) This man was very passionate about what he believed in - pretty much the same idea as your article. However, he just seemed like a Jehovah witness type of person trying to get us passionate about something we didn't think was actually a problem. We thought he was loonie and asked him to leave. Before getting out, he told us that we would learn either the easy way or the hard way (something my father likes to say) and that even though we are dismissing his truths now, we will have to deal with it later in life. Fair enough, we couldn't contest that but most of the frat guys still thought he was loonie and that we were too young to care about marriage and the future. It's been a while since then but his words echo now and maybe I can reach out to my old buddies and let them know how screwed they can get if they don't smarten up about what marriage is really about today. I have actually already sent your article to a few of my close friends and a couple of guys who have long-term girlfriends. The recurrent issue I am seeing is that every guy thinks that his girl will not do it to him, myself included. I cannot seem to fathom that my girl (and she is amazing) would ever betray me. Also, she is not natively North American and moved here recently. So her values are different, although that can change. So with that said, marriage would give her a nice chance to screw me that she would not otherwise have if we just continued dating, which is the route I would rather take. What do you think a realistic alternate path can be? Most good girls aren't interested in dating for more than 2-3 years - they want you to propose and make no secret about it. Not that I am particularly interested in that either, but for different reasons. hahaha! But you know what I mean. Let's says you've found a girl that you are actually happy with but you don't believe in marriage. This is the situation I am currently in. I just don't like it. It ties me down plus all your points are pretty good. Before reading your article, I read this page that got me thinking.
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2010 on The Misandry Bubble at The Futurist
Let me share with you my story of a few years ago that will make for an interesting read. I learned a valuable lesson years ago when I visited Colombia and met a nice girl. She also happened to be beautiful. Now, after seeing her for a few days and sleeping with her, I figured that we had embarked on quite a nice journey together. Well, it turns out that I made a mistake and she was only with me for what she could get out of me. She always wanted to go shopping for stuff - even things like more shoes, furniture, linen, computers, the list goes on. Initially, I gave in and bought her what she wanted since it wasn't too much. But after buying a laptop and desk, I wanted to know what she was using it for. She got mad and said that I didn't trust her. She had said that she wanted to brush up her computer skills to get a better job. She was a waitress at the time and I thought it was a great idea so I helped out. Turns out she made a profile on some dating site for foreigners (like me) to get hooked on to her. She had long-distance "relationships" with multiple guys in different countries (US, parts of Western Europe, Canada). To put it lightly, I was upset and confronted her. She got even more mad at me saying that I was snooping and that I didn't trust her. Then I asked her why so many guys? And she actually told me a bit of the truth. She said that women have one thing to offer and that is sex. Guys will buy that over almost anything. She said that I didn't/wouldn't pay her because I thought that I was not like the other guys who would just pay up a small amount. So the costs add up and now I have to pay for all the times that I was with her. Even though it wasn't in money, it was in kind. Wow! I thought she was insane and of course, a complete whore. But in retrospect, she told me the truth that night and I am thankful for it. She didn't have faith that I would stick around or be part of her plans for us. So she went ahead and fleeced me for all that I was worth. Any other guy would've flipped out and taken all his stuff back. But I wanted information more than anything else. So I kept going. btw, let's call her Caroline. Caroline continued to tell me that those guys meant nothing to her and she was just setting things up so that in case she needed money or stuff, she could get it from them. But if I wanted to really be with her, then she would try to stop all of it. Now, I’m a nice guy but I’m not stupid. If a woman is cheating on me, albeit not physically and in a very weird way that I have never encountered before, I am not going to trust her with me or a dime of my money. So I tell her that I want to know more about what she has been doing. She says that she is not a bad person and that all women in Colombia do this – even the married ones. She was convinced that girls have no choice but to use their bodies to make money. Now let’s be clear. Caroline did not need money (she worked as a waitress and I met her while out with friends) and she was not a prostitute in the true sense of the word. I know what you’re thinking - of course she is because, in one way or the other, she takes money for sex. The thing is that there are actual prostitutes and they charge up front. She was more of an indirect prostitute. Before you think that I am defending her actions, know that I actually have more respect for the upfront prostitutes since they do not mess with your mind and heart. They simply tell you how much it’s going to be and you have no expectation or want for anything more. But with this “regular girl”, they still want to be paid but just don’t tell you. Caroline is a very well educated girl. She reads psychology books in her free time and that’s what caught my attention the first time. So when she tells me something, I am all ears. She continued to tell me that one day I might meet a girl somewhere that has been biologically messed up and doesn’t want something from me. She did not mean that as an insult but rather as a fact of life. She proceeded to tell me that women everywhere are biologically wired to be like that. In most cases, they do not know it. The women in developed countries who are well educated fight this biological need of theirs and some fight it successfully for their entire lives. But they are still going against nature. So after this, I needed a drink or a few. After pounding back a bunch, I found myself in a bar with my buddies and a bunch of random dudes. Good, no women around to rob me. So I guess I must have told them the story of my Colombian “love”. The guys are all laughing and asking me how old I am and what I do for a living. Well, I was in my early 30’s with a Masters in engineering working as a consultant making good money. Actually, great money. They said that I had a lot to learn about women. Obviously, I wasn’t too happy about that. I have been with and banged a lot of women – more than most guys I know. I have a few rules – like being honourable to my guy friends and their wives/girlfriends/sisters. But I have had my fair share of good and bad relationships. But here I was in a bar, drunk of out my mind, talking to bunch of guys I didn’t know about a girl they didn’t know. And was basically being called naïve. Amazing! They proceeded to call over one of the hottest girls around and she came over. One of them spoke to her, got her to come over and hang out. I don’t really know how but Rick (one of the new guys) ended up getting her to come back to my suite with her friend, who seemed to be quite in to me. I was feeling emotionally numb so I wasn’t on my A-game. Ok, I really had no game and barely wanted to respond to her at all. So don’t ask me how this happened. I really don’t know. Rick and the guys pull me aside and ask me to get $50 out and say that it is very important that I have that handy. They tell me to give it to the girl (Michelle, I think) after she leaves. Now, I’m not a fan of prostitution so I refuse and even in my drunk state, I’m not enjoying this. I forget about the $50 in my sock and go back to my suite with Rick, his hottie, and Michelle. We get to the penthouse and the girls are loving it. The hot-tub is all ready and the girls remove their clothes without any hesitation and get in it. I forget about the Caroline and bang the living shit out of Michelle. Her ass was something out of a magazine. It was like god himself sculpted it. But I digress. Next morning, I remember the sock with $50 in it. Such a measly sum for anyone for doing just about anything. I pay my plumber 4 times as much and he doesn’t do much work let alone blow me for hours and then wake me up for morning sex. Yep. This was the life. I had to get to the client site so I needed to get these people out of my place. I woke Ricky up and asked him if she could take care of my place and my stuff until I came back. He was more than happy but asked me to put all my valuables in my safe and said that I had to give Michelle the $50. Having no real choice and running out of time, I just did it. I woke her up with a kiss and tried to make it look like a joke. Gave her $50US and told her that it was for last night. Now if I had done this to any girl I know, it would have either evoked a slap or laughter. I didn’t get either from her. Michelle was happy and she started to take my clothes off and wouldn’t take no for an answer. This keeps getting better and better. Alright, never forget the $50 in sock. Michelle was completely cool and didn’t mind other chicks looking at me or me talking to them. As long as I paid her even a little, I could do whatever I wanted and she was cool. This is in stark contrast with Caroline who was a possessive psycho when it came to other women. The wonders that $50 can do. Neither girls are prostitutes or consider themselves to be whores. That story was long and maybe boring for some but it was to illustrate my point that women want something in return for sex. It doesn’t have to be much but just give it to them so that they do not take a LOT more from you when you don’t know it. Rick and his boys made this point by having me actually go through with their $50 ploy. I got taken for only a few weeks and a few days of heartbreak. You can get screwed for much more - say alimony and child-support. You don’t need a Caroline when you can pay $50 for a Michelle. As you can probably tell, marriage is not in the cards for me. At least not in the conventional sense.
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2010 on The Misandry Bubble at The Futurist
Amazing article! You put it all very well. I always felt that I was getting the crappy end of the stick. I have numerous friends who have divorced and many of them due to their wives' indiscretion. At first, I couldn't believe that they were paying alimony even though she cheated on him. Insane! Even more shocking was the case of my buddy Dave who is stuck paying child support to a woman who cheated and had the child with another man. This is simply absurd in any court of law. He says that it is because the mother says that his 3 yr old child views him as his father and the biological dad as an uncle. The woman was asked to choose who should pay the child support by asking her who the child views as his father. The father's testimony was not accepted due to so-called conflict of interest. And the child obviously couldn't be put on the stand. What kind of world are we living in?
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2010 on The Misandry Bubble at The Futurist
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