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Peter Lindley
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Would love this . Thanks fro the chance!
I am working on my challenges too and have decided to make the 'prize' for doing them a wrist band that they have helped make. These wrist bands have seven stars ( with a sticker added each time you compile a challenge, one for each AOL. They are a 'must have item up here in Northumberland. The kudos of having all seven stars! But...I am find ing it soooo hard to keep this up and the OLP and the direct teach and What, where, what now sheets etc etc etc. I send pics. Any thoughts......
Yes please....would love these! Thanks!
We would love to win this too!
I love to win this too. Thanks
Looks great! Wonderful in our Forest School.
Thanks for the chance to win these!
I'd love to win these too....
It is truly inspirational blog...but I too feel like Hettie! I feel like I am peddling very very fast at the moment, but only travelling at 1mile an hour! I feel that I am still just getting them to use the resources that we have in the class in the correct way. I have set up a 'Painting Station' with old soap dispensers with paint and powder paint in sugar pourers and they do love it. The deal is that they have to wash up/tidy up etc ....But turn my back for a second and it looks like a Rothko painting has just happened in Class1. But all over the sink and cupboards. I suppose it could be considered modern art by some. Anyway rant over! But it was just a little message to say 'Thank you' for doing all this- Alistair. And I want you to come to our school too.
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Aug 20, 2011