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I like your encouragement. I am an entrepreneur at heart myself, and it is great to get sound advice from a well meaning guy. Thanks so much for these words, and I look forward to coming to you for more fine tuning in the future. I have something in my mind that I want to bring to market, but, I have several steps that I need to take, and I need to have a conversation with someone before I bring it further down the pipeline. I need a manufacturer of the product as well, but it should be quite easy to manufacture. Peace, Peter Milner
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This is great stuff. I continue to return to the verse. "His grace is sufficient in my weakness." The thorn in the flesh that each of us have recieved, is diminished by the greater grace given/ poured out upon us. As someone that is married, has two kids, and is diagnosed with bi-polar, it is very important to think through ways that we can have meaningful conversations about what it means to have mental illness as a result of the fall. In other words, without a better theology of mental illness, it sometimes is hard to get our heads around the details of mental illness. There is nothing more exalted about being mentally ill, nor is there anything more diminished from being mentally ill, it is just one area that the curse has spread its ugly head. It is what it is. I have truly desires a better way to think through my own struggle, and your blog gives me a real nice picture of which I can relate and be encouraged through. Thanks and God bless.
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Apr 30, 2010