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That is remarkable news Paul. Let's hope Ms Leadsom follows through with genuine government support.
Prohibition is a socialist inspired, big government idea. If you believe in individual freedom and responsibility as well as evidence based policy then a regulated system is the only rational solution.
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Ewan vastly overstates the risks of psychosis from the use of cannabis. Hickman, Lewis, Zammit et al, based on a 2009 meta analysis of ALL published research (so not cherry picked) said that "there is no certainty of a causal link" but that if cannabis did cause psychosis then the risk is at worst 0.013% and probably less than 0.0030%
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Here's the UK poll: Google will easily find you dozens of polls from the US
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"if children we brought up correctly, and disciplined by teachers, and their parents, then they would not take drugs" - Drivel. We all take drugs. Mankind always has and always will "Also, this country tried that with canabis, and that did turn out to be a mistake." - Rubbish. We've never tried it with cannabis. "Most think that alcohol is like a drug, it is not, and it does no where near the damage of drugs, if enjoyed responsibly." - Balderdash. The most absurd and ignorant thing you've said. Alcohol is a drug, more dangerous than virtually any other including heroin and cocaine. "Also, the damage that drugs do is pervelent from day one, and it does turn most psychotic. Who would disagree with that" Absolute nonsense. You're entitled to your opinion Matthew but these aren't matters of opinion. They're determined by scientific evidence and you are simply wrong
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Last week, the Cannabis Law Reform party (CLEAR) published a study from the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit which shows that a tax and regulate policy on cannabis would reduce all health and social harms, better protect children and the vulnerable while contributing a net gain of £6.7 billion per annum to the UK exchequer. This is an enormous sum of money, equivalent to three times the annual budget of the Department of Energy. CLEAR also published highly detailed proposals for how regulation would work. The documents are available on the CLEAR website which is easily found via Google.
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The most up to date and accurate data on cannabis in Britain was published last week by Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR). This is a study by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit called "Taxing the UK Cannabis Market". It shows that a tax and regulate policy on cananbis could boost the UK economy by £6.7 billion per annum. Download the report from the CLEAR website:
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Utter rubbish Matthew, in every respect except for the population comparison. Where on earth do you get your information?
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Last week, Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) published a study from the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit which shows that a tax and regulate policy on cannabis would produce a net gain to the UK economy of £6.7 billion per annum. All the evidence from Europe and the US is that it would also massively reduce all health and social harms. CLEAR also published the most detailed proposals ever for how such regulation would work. These are based on in depth consultation with cannabis users, both medicinal and recreational, as ell as doctors, scientists, lawyers and experienced policymakers. These documents are available on the CLEAR website at
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Absolutely agree with your view of death penalty advocates Huw. String 'em up I say!
I'm a little less cynical about it than you Paul. Obviously I and all CLEAR members will vigorously support the legalise cannabis petition. Although of course "Your Freedom" was canned precisely because of the overwhelming call for drug reform wasn't it? As a conscientious MP you'll probably like mine (but many of your colleagues won't!): Standards of Service From MPs and Ministers Responsible department: Office of the Leader of the House of Commons MPs and Ministers have forgotten that they are in office to serve the public and not vice versa. Five year elections provide no real accountability from MPs and Ministers hide in their ivory towers and ignore the public. This petition calls on the government to implement minimum standards of service from MPs and Ministers in response to enquiries from the public. MP's accountability is limited to constituents but Ministers must account to any British citizen. An integral part of these standards is a complaints system with the power to implement meaningful sanctions.against the MP or Minister personally.
And as of today, it's now 16 US states. Maryland now permits medical marijuana.
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I thought the delivery of your question was excellent Paul. The long list could have been even longer. There are several more European countries and I would have liked to see Brokenshire sit through the recital of all 15 US states. CLEAR is now co-ordinating a challenge through the courts on the denial of access to medicine. We are also commissioning a study from a respected, independent research body on the effect of a tax and regulate regime for cannabis.
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