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New Albany, IN
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I elike it!
I think it sounds insincere, and gives a first impression of spam.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2011 on Speaking Your Readers' Language at Business Writing
I missed. I got hung-up on the “previously undesirable” part and couldn’t let go. I’m not defending this—now that the answer is so obvious—but my reasoning was: At the introduction of elevators, there was no previously. They were simply undesirable. But then I am just a layman. Which is why I read and heed your blog. Thanks for your posts, Lynn.
Hi Lynn, My concern was it felt more of a thought than a statement, and I wasn’t sure that that could be expressed as such. Hence, the parentheses. Of course after reading your reply it is easy for me to agree. The parentheses should have been omitted. Thanks for all your great tips! Pete
I put this into practice today. I like it. (Normally I would have placed a comma on the first sentence.) However, I do question my use of parentheses here.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2011 on Today Is 1/11/11--Or Is It? at Business Writing
Sort of like byway or byroad. We wouldn't use by-way or by-road, that is if there's any relevance to my logic.
Lynn, thanks for the tips, really. Or, should I have skipped the gratitude since I have nothing more to contribute than a sincere thank you? I’ve read it, I’ve learned from it (as with all your posts), yet I have offered nothing more than thankfulness, and perhaps wasted your time with gratitude. Pete
I prefer flyer, it's a better looking word than flier. :-)
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2010 on My Flyer Is Your Flier at Business Writing
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Oct 16, 2010