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Add this one to the ever growing list of disgruntled i-photo users, but with a slight twist. I will go on the record: MAC COMPUTERS SUCK!!! I have been a faithfull user of IBM computers and always will. Why? BECAUSE MAC COMPUTERS ALL SUCK!! But there's more to this "why"-photo than meets the eye! Let me explain... I work in a dry lab - that's a photoshop that uses no chemistry, all of our prints are done digitally with high-end dye sublimation printers. But, before I worked as a printer on a real, honest to Murgatroid color printer, you know the kind that prints from those weird things people don't use any more, um NEGATIVES, yeah, that's right. Anyway, whenever I got a CD that had an "i-photo" file folder on it, it was, "STOP THE PRESSES!!! WE'RE PRINTIN' I-PHOTO, NOW!!" I had to go to another computer and open countless numbers of folders and subfolder just to get to the files the customer wanted me to print. I will go on the record and say that "I-Puto" was invented for one reason: Steve Jobs wanted to get back at Noritsu for choosing IBM interfaces over Macs for their Mini-Lab printers, the ones the old One Hour Photo labs used. I actually worked at one lab that the owner had a standing order, "NO I-PHOTO DISCS!!" Really! He refused to print from "i-proto", completely. We have photo "kiosks" at our location and bless our little stars we can program them for printing from i-phutzo discs. In the old days we had one printer of dubious mentality who would print every image on the i-scroto disc, good and bad. That's the other problem with "i-phrodo" discs: thumbnails. In the cracked wisdom of the geeks at Apple they made the thumbnail files in "i-hoto" with the same file name as the regular file: at least that's how it shows up on all IBM computers. That means when our old techno-challenged photo finisher had a disc with 400 good files on it, they would print all 800 images, half of them at such a low resolution they were not worth selling. I-photo is about as useless a program as they come, and most professional photographers don't use it, preferring to save their images ON CD or DVD and NOT ON YOUR HARD DRIVE!!! As I like to say at the front counter to those of you who store your entire photo gallery from the last 15 years on your hard drive: You would never take pictures on a 35mm roll of film and just leave it on the shelf, would you? NO! You would get it processed immediately, like it says on the film box. Now, when you shoot an image on your digital camera and either leave it on the chip or store it on your hard drive what are you doing? Essentially, LEAVING IT ON THE SHELF! Transfer the image to a CD and it's just like prosessing the negs: safe and transportable. Okay, now you guys can bag on me for being a Mac-Hater. But what I always say, "Yeah, go ahead and line Steve Jobs' pocket with money for something you can get for half the price in an IBM." And, yes I have worked on a Mac computer and they are the most useless boxes of excrement on the planet! That is if you want to do photography. For video editing or music programs I have heard they are pretty good, so see! At least there's still some hope for me yet!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2007 on iPhoto sucks at The Last Minute Blog