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A friend must get approval from seven different people for her weekly branded Facebook post, which pretty much misses the point of having a FB presence. The idea that your brand can have similar messages in different voices is a big leap. Let go.
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Restraint in underrated. Ads like that are the 180 of most local ads with 50 seconds of copy in a 30 second spot. I had the same reaction the first time I saw the Leaf spot on air.
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I was probably too glib in my comment above. Absolutely, every product or service is going to have its fans. The problem will come in hiring: your pool may be too small! I see too many companies focus on being just a tiny bit different from the competition, assuming that their product is just another commodity. Few are brave enough to differentiate themselves so dramatically that 90% of consumers will never consider buying from them, but the 10% who do will be obsessive about it.
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Few firms can hire zealots because few firms earn zealots in the first place. Designing the customer experience for maximum effect is highly underrated, probably because it is hard to calculate the ROI.
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I was impressed by "Moneyball" by Michael Lewis for its lessons on looking past the conventional wisdom to what really brings value to an organization. When you have a smaller budget than the other guys, your have to work in unconventional ways. Its about On Base Percentage, not Home Runs.
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I would disagree- the B&N in-store experience worked exactly as intended. The idea is to punish those customers who used the expensive (to B&N) channel- the physical store- and reward all those who bought the electronic version of whatever they wanted. As the e-version lacks any of the pesky costs of stores and staff and light bills and parking lot striping, it is far more profitable per book sold. A lousy store experience makes the ereader all the more attractive, or so the thinking goes, and should increase B&N's profits by lowering their marginal costs. The merits of this business model (converting customers from one channel to another by treating them badly) is a topic for another post.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2010 on Why Amazon will win at Biz Innovation Zone
I sense a new agency trying to put their mark on the wall- change for change sake, whether it makes sense or not. I would love to read the internal data on the tagline. Perhaps there are trendlines that are going in bad directions. Keep up the fine work.
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Jun 12, 2010