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Shame Paul Biya what ever you call your name. No normal average Cameroonian will ask you rule them again. You are a bod and incompetent leader because at your age you are unable to groom a younger Cameroonian to lead the country. You are not better than Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Do you think because Cameroon have fetile land where people plant and havest cassava and eat with palm oil and salt and look healthy have make a better leader. You are disgrace to humanity. God will purnish you and your entire family. You will die like Saddam Hessan. Evil man
Mr. Paul Biya, you have proved beyond reasonable doubt that you are not competent to lead Cameroon.Do you think by claiming another seven additional years of ruling you will improve the living situation of Cameroonians. You are a disgrace of humanity. You said you want to institude decentalization system, why did you abolish the Federal system in the first place. You said Cameroonian population want you to rule again, that is a big lie. Only those of your colleagues who you have allowed to steal the country's money and other resources will vote for. Evaluate the present situation in average Cameroonian and give us one good reason why you lead Cameroon again. You are a really bad leader because at your age, you are unable to groom another young Cameroonian who can lead the country if you think there is no body qualify at the moment. God will purnish you and your entire decendant for all what you are doing. Remember how Saddan Hussan died, yours will be worse. Know that you will never go unpurnished. You can pretend to delay your purnishment by remaining in power, but God will definitely answer the prayers of all the Cameroonians suffering because of you. I really lack words to described you. Evil man.