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I think my (large, corporate) workplace might already be some way down this road. Getting your hands on hardware is still managed quite traditionally (and is not at all easy in the current climate) but once over that hurdle it's all pretty good. My laptop runs Ubuntu Linux, which I've opted to lightly customise via an internal company repository to get tools like Lotus Notes. In the administrative sense I own the machine absolutely, Internet access is assumed, and there are a plethora of tools available on the Intranet. Some good, some bad, but with a couple of exceptions nobody's forcing me to use them; I pick what helps me do my job. Apart from the fact that I have to use my second-choice OS (I'd rather use MacOS, but that needs hardware I can't get at work) there's not a great deal of difference between my home computing experience and my work one. I wouldn't want to work somewhere where there was, and this *is* something I would ask about in a job interview. If my company can do it, why are others so convinced that they can't?
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Mar 22, 2010