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Petter Måhlén
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I think of Git a little like a squash racket for a pro player. Squash rackets for pros have a very small 'sweet spot' somewhere near the middle, and if you hit the ball right there, you get tremendous power. If you miss the sweet spot, you get a weird noise and the ball goes in a more or less random direction. Beginners' rackets have much bigger sweet spots, but never deliver the same power. Beginner players (like me) become worse, not better, by trying to use a pro racket. Git requires you to invest a lot of time in understanding it. If you do, you get a great payoff - a VCS that does exactly what you tell it to do, no more, no less and does so with great performance. But if you're not going to be able to/want to make the investment in learning it (and keep using it daily so you don't forget), Git is probably not a good choice. I think, like for squash rackets, it makes sense to have different tools for different types of users.
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Apr 27, 2012