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That fake Flyers "fan" who proposed to Richards should get a life. What ever happened to rooting for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back? Honey, if you love Richards that much, then move to LA. Flyers Nation won't miss you. At all.
So, "MM" how's that waste pit of a blog working out for you? Really classy response to @Calabria, by the way. Let us know how many more women you've disrespected. I probably would've been more upset if Hula Boy had been rooting for the Cardinals (side note, I have no intention of caring about the World Series now. I refuse to watch a bunch of jerk-offs win the World Series at the Phillies expense. I'm not too happy with some of Hula Boy's tweets, especially about being a Cowboys fan (let's see him talk his way out of that one next time he goes to an Iggles game at the Linc). That said, if the players want to tweet about whatever they want, then they should. If someone has an issue with it, just unfollow that athlete (especially the Phillies "fans" who follow clowns like Logan Morrison; you know, the ones who play for *divisional rivals* - people like that should never be allowed to root for the Phillies again). Kyle, I get your point about how the fan base is still furious over this choke job (which, IMHO, started when Clifton Phifer "Can't Do No Wrong Because He's Clifton "P---king" Lee blew Game 2). At the same time, let the players tweet about whatever they want. It's on *them* to face any consequences, not you for pointing it out.
My priceless Philadelphia Eagles memory was the 1995 "Bozo The Coach" game at the Vet. Having moved from New Hampshire only a few months previously, I had planned to go to my second Flyers game ever at the Spectrum against the Islanders that night and had a few errands to run early that Sunday morning. While I was on 452 in Aston, I heard on 610 WIP that there were tickets still available for the Eagles-Cowboys game. I decided that the rest of my errands could wait for another day, got on 95 north towards the stadium and was lucky enough to snag a ticket in the 700 level. Being there as Emmitt Smith was stuffed on fourth-and-1 late in the fourth quarter was amazing. The crowd exploded for a brief moment until the referee announced that the play was whistled dead because of a timeout. The reaction of the crowd when Barry Switzer, a coach whose game management makes Andy Reid look like Vince Lombardi (which is to say, not good at all), decided to run the same exact play only to see Smith stuffed again was louder than after the first play. With my Walkman on, hearing Merrill Reese yelling "They stuffed him again" underscored the intensity of the rivalry. It was satisfying to see the Eagles win that game in overtime on a field goal. What wasn't so satisfying was reaching my car at the end of the game, only to find that my car keys had fallen out of my pocket. It was a good think that security was able to locate my keys, otherwise, I probably would've been stuck in South Philly. Needless to say the night didn't end well as the Islanders dominated the Flyers at the Spectrum. However, the reaction from the crowd when the score of the Eagles game was posted on the scoreboard more than made up for the misery. And that, in a nutshell, was my introduction to the Philadelphia sports scene.
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Sep 21, 2011