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PHAR Charlottesville
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The CRHA Barment Policy: What is changing? Resident Input Needed! - November 8th !!! What is barment? (Also called “No Trespass Authority”) People who are barred from Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (CRHA) sites can be arrested if they come... Continue reading
PHAR joined with residents in bringing a lawsuit against the CRHA to continue the long battle to stop over charging for excess utilities! Since 2003 residents have consistently been hit with high charges for going over their allotted amount of... Continue reading
Come speak up for PHAR’s goals for the City of Charlottesville and the funding required to make it happen! Join PHAR members and supporters as we chime in on budgeting for the City of Charlottesville! Feel free to speak, or... Continue reading
While most of the costs for redevelopment of Charlottesville's public housing will be a long time in coming there has been some activity lately, especially around Crescent Hall. Some of that is thanks to the advocacy of PHAR members who... Continue reading
At the recent City Council Neighborhood meeting at Crescent Hall, residents of Crescent Hall and Fifeville advocated for more police officers patrolling their neighborhood during the day and night, especially in Tonsler Park. From the C'ville Article: "Crescent Hall resident... Continue reading
Crescent Hall residents and their neighbors packed the house for a Town Hall discussion with Mayor Dave Norris (pictured), other members of City Council and City Manager Maurice Jones. Residents raised many important issues, including their months-long wait for fully... Continue reading
From the Summer 2011 Tenant Talk Newsletter of the National Low Income Housing Coalition: Years of constant prodding by public housing leaders in Charlottesville, Virginia recently paid off when both the City Council and the Housing Authority approved a Section... Continue reading
Three years ago, a group of people came together to start the Coalition for Economic Opportunity (CEO). PHAR was there from the start. The goal of CEO is to help individuals and families become more independent and financially stable. CEO... Continue reading
PHAR Board members Janyce Lewis (2nd from left) and Sylvia Taylor (2nd from right) attended the Better Choices for Virginia press conference with Legal Aid organizer Emily Dreyfus. They were happy to run into PHAR’s first organizer, Ben Thacker-Gwaltney (now... Continue reading
The median wealth of white households is 20 times that of black households. It's 18 times higher than Hispanic households, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of newly available government data from 2009. This is the largest gap since... Continue reading
PHAR asked prospective Charlottesville City Councilors’ to respond to a questionnaire on rights and opportunities for Charlottesville's public housing residents. Six of the seven candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in the August 20 primary election answered the questionnaire (James... Continue reading
Several PHAR members were quoted in an August 23rd edition of C-Ville "Sherri Clarke, CRHA Board member, Riverside resident and vocal advocate for the well-being of public housing residents, is fearful that giving power and authority to a partner will... Continue reading
Here is the text from the letter to the Editor of the Daily Progress from our Board Chair Deirdre Gilmore. Respond to her comments on line at the paper or on PHAR's page on Facebook. "I watched the Housing Authority... Continue reading
On Friday, May 21st seven PHAR members, residents of public housing, graduated from the 2010 PHAR Internship program. L.D. Perry mentored this group of up and coming new community leaders through educational programs, community projects, and participation in public meetings.... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010