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Since August 10th I have been predicting that the sea ice will be completely gone from the Arctic by the end of this years melt season. Here are presentations that lead me to conclude this...I post all this stuff in real-time on facebook (Paul Beckwith) and twitter (PaulHBeckwith); please friend and follow me. Note that the last link is a presentation I gave on Jan 17th this year discussing all the sea ice links to extreme weather, etc. and the imminent sea ice failure...
What happened to the sea ice motion vector plots on the google sea ice plot page? I have the vectors for August in my ppt presentation on the link below but they have vanished off nevens graph link? Why, I need them back...
The GFSx polar plot is showing that this cyclone does not weaken until 8 days out. This storm is going to completely hammer the sea ice, already a huge shift in the ice in one day (From Aug 4th to 5th). Will not be much ice left in a week or so...
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2012 on Cyclone warning! at Arctic Sea Ice
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Aug 6, 2012