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I am sorry to hear that your father physically abused you, Carl. That should not have happened. However, I think that your father continued abusing you not because you didn't pray hard enough. God is not a genie who magically takes our suffering away. Suffering is a result of an abuse of human freedom; for there to be no suffering ever, there has to be no freedom ever, and that is not in consonance with human dignity. Jesus did not come to take away our pain but rather to make it ultimately meaningful. Worthwhile. By contextualizing our hurts in the framework of eternal life. That's my belief. You think my support of an imperfect institution is absolutely disgusting because of those incidents that you mentioned. But you yourself admitted that we all make mistakes. By your logic, should we all withdraw support from imperfect institutions?
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After giving your question some thought, I submit that I remain in the Church because of faith. I truly believe that Jesus Christ founded the Church and thus the full means to find salvation is in it. We believe that the Church, though divinely instituted, is made up of sinners, and is thus always a pilgrim church, ever journeying towards but never fully reaching on earth perfect obedience to the will of God. So, even if the hierarchy makes mistakes, it remains for us the Church of Christ through whose sacraments grace flows. Having said that, I do not condone the epic errors that the Church committed in this age and in others, and I think that it should respond to this current crisis in a more responsible manner. Moreover, I think that Catholics have a duty as baptized to work for change within the Church so that we would grow ever closer to approximating our behavior with the demands of God, who we believe is Justice and Love. Others have done so through the centuries and have influenced change in terms of slavery, sexuality, evolution, science and the like. This process takes time. It is possible that my individual ways of acting out my moral responsibility to change the Church for the better (praying, writing letters, living out my life ethically as much as possible) would take time to bear fruit. Possibly because people in the hierarchy may not be as responsive to their consciences as they should be. But essentially, staying in the Church that I believe is divinely instituted and working to nurture what is good in it and correct was is bad is a legitimate response to this recent scandal of institutional abuse of power.
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Nov 5, 2011