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Very good :) :)
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2015 on Jenga July 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
Hi Neven, Purely out of interest for your alliteration, 'Jenga' is swahili for build, and build with an exclamation mark - Jenga! Build! I found this out when a couple of years ago I delivered a skills development for Protected Area Managers at a research station in Kenya called Mpala, and stayed in a house called Jenga, which was built with funds donated by the woman who invented and marketed the game. She used to live nearby. Thank for all your work:) Phil
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2015 on Jenga July 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
Neven, The video is wonderful, just great to hear your train of thought and watch your mouse exploring. Thank you very much. Phil
Very interesting post and comments - as usual. In terms of awareness - the UK Ed Minister is introducing reforms to remove Climate Change from Under 14 curriculum. There is a petition against this which I think closes end tomorrow Tuesday
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2013 on Perception of the Arctic at Arctic Sea Ice
This picture struck me as rather beautiful showing swirls of ice in the East Greenland current. I thought I would share it
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2013 on Open Thread February 2013 at Arctic Sea Ice
Thank you
Just wondering why IJIS now seems to be running a day behind, it normally updates in the morning UT?
I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but looking at the USCG track and also the webcam, is anyone clever enough to merge the uni bremen colour map and Healey's position? It would give a very interesting insight into what the yellow and green ice areas look like in reality as it has just started to show ice - or bits of. Thanks Phil
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2012 on More news on CryoSat-2 at Arctic Sea Ice
Thank you very much indeed A4R. Really useful Phil
Apocalypse4Real -- could you provide a bit more guidance of how to get the view you are referring to? I follow the link and then not sure what to do next :) Thanks Phil
Thank you Remko Phil
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2011 on October 2011 Open Thread at Arctic Sea Ice
It may be hidden in posts but has there been a discussion as to why Bremen and jaxa seem to have stopped? 3/10 and 5/10. Or is it I'm out in Oman at the moment - but can't see why they would be blocked.... Thanks Phil
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2011 on October 2011 Open Thread at Arctic Sea Ice
Thanks BFraser and others on how to get to end comment. Bfraser solution of clicking on the NAME of the last commenter not the article, does exactly what I've been looking for, Ta :)
Hi, A useability question - does anyone know how to go from someones latest comment on the left of Nevens home page, to the latest comment at the end of the comments. At the moment I follow the link, scroll down to the end, click next, scroll down to the end, click next etc. bit of a pain - wonder if there is a quicker way? ps great stuff again Neven, thank you. Phil
re DMI uptic and ijis flattening, sorry not a very scientific comment but I have this picture of snow and ice in water. When it all gets very mushy it spreads out? and then suddenly goes completely.
Hi Neven, This might be a dumb question - but if I look at all the regional graphs for the low of Sept 2010, I can only add up to about 2.8M km2 area. This seems well below the minimum. Is there an area, hiding with a lot of ice area, that is not covered by these graphs? Best Wishes Phil and thanks for destroying my productivity at this time of year when I keep checking your blog! :)
I always think it's interesting the internal temps of these cameras, 6.5c even up to 13c recently. Doesn't match the air temperature from the bouys but gives me a sense of the effect of the sun on a plastic box therefore the heating energy of the sun up there at the moment. Not very scientific but interesting and compares to -17c in April.
Nice link Neven - I wonder if global warming means certain creatures don't hibernate very deeply.........:)
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2011 on Open Thread 5 at Arctic Sea Ice
Anyone who is Uk based - and concerned about climate, it's only a small amount but if we can't change the small things , what hope for the bigger. There is a bill in parliament a week Friday 3rd December proposing a cost frree change to our clocks that would mean lighter evenings and .5M tonnes less CO2 emmissions (and 100 livs saved on the roads). The campaign urgently needs UK residents to write to their MP's to ask them to support it. There is a very easy to use tool to do this and lots more info on If you agree please pass round all your networks. Thanks Phil
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2010 on Open Thread 2 at Arctic Sea Ice
Interesting article on the impacts on the ground - Walrus migrating to land for first time in large numbers and thanks Neven
According to the 17th map at Bremen it looks as if there is now a gap along the coast Taymyr Peninsular on the Northern Route? Don't know how to get sat pictures.
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Aug 16, 2010
Just a typo, as Jim is implying more melting, but I think Jim's comments about soot increasing the albedo effect should be decreasing. i.e. high albedo is high reflectivity. Soot increases absorbtion, decreases reflection/albedo - I think!. Very interesting blog and contributions - a bit compulsive - I kind of get the sense of watching a car crash about to happen. I just hope that the more evidence for what is happening then the more likelyhood that denial interests will be challenged. Thanks
Thanks Neven, that's dispelled my image of a footballing arctic explorer! :-), and as others - great blog.
Hi Neven, A bit off thread but given your footballing on ice picture, I wonder what your connection is to the arctic. Thanks for great and interesting blogs and do you have a site that tells a little more about yourself? Phil