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"For years, Labour ruthlessly lobbied the Electoral Commission to protect its rotten boroughs in the inner cities." I am not sure what this means exactly, but it is the independent Boundary Commission that draws the constituencies not the Electoral Commission. "If Labour and the Tories had polled an identical number of votes, Labour would have ended up with 80 more MPs. In 2005, the Tories won the popular vote in England, but Labour took 286 English seats while the Conservatives only managed 193." So you are basically concluding that FPTP is not a fair system. But you don't like any of the alternatives either! Labour did better because it's voters are distributed mroe efficiently. Kenny, James J and torieboy - there is a bit of a problem with your Labour's mass immigration gerrymandering conspiracy theory. Immigrants cannot vote in general election, unless they are from a Commonwealth country. Most were from Poland etc.
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Sep 23, 2011