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This can be done via a two step process: 1. declare that unborn babies past a certain age (20 weeks) are human 2. declare that killing such humans is a violation of their civil rights
I would imagine the reasons for choosing a C-130 airframe for the current Compass Call (good fuel efficiency, shorter runway requirements) would still apply. Do we want an armed Compass Call? Ground attack? Self-defense (Sidewinder)? SEAD? Or maybe use the tried and true combined arms strategy.
"slave labor is not fair to your own labor-intensive industries"? What if we think of bulldozers and other earth moving equipment as slave labor? It has the same effect: reducing manpower needed.
Most houses in the United States have a three wire electric service: two hots and a neutral. You provide your own ground.
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If it was a choice of a surgeon washing his hands or a driver washing his car, I think most people would choose the surgeon. The problem is we have no visibility in how government and institutions use their water or if they also have opportunities to reduce waste. What we do know is they won't have any incentives if we just accept their demands.
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How is a 100 Megawatt fusion reactor which generates most of its heat via neutrons better than a 100 Megawatt fission reactor?
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2014 on Small, Cheap Fusion? Gamechange!?! at JustOneMinute
By your reasoning, since a measles Vaccine doesn't protect you from chickenpox, it's not worth having.
You do know you can configure WU to either ask permission or never automatically install updates?
Yes, you could spoof the spoofer if you send a rocket to cause the drone to use its chaff. But the rocket could not be just a dumb unguided rocket or it would never come close to the drone. Patriot used to be a "track via missile" where ground radar signals reflecting off the target were received by the missile and sent down for processing into guidance commands. This had the advantage of the missile being closer to the target and getting stronger signal. You might consider that for your smart chaff... Don't forget multi-mode operation, your chaff could be tracked by 3 different methods: radar, IR and optical. If any mode returns a signal larger or smaller than your drone does, target discrimination gets easier.
How does a raffle, which is random, get the special seats to the ones who truly need them?
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And that's what is so scary about Fukushima: even the Japanese can't operate nuclear power safely.
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But what if Maddie could never perform at a Level 2? If you read the description of Luke's abilities like: "had a facility for three-dimensional visualization—seeing, in your mind, what’s happening inside the machine", it would seem quite unlikely that Maddie could ever do that, no matter how smart she thinks she is or how much training she is given. @John: the Level 1s are the operator (Maddie). Level 2 (Luke) is: "a worker who knows the machines well enough to set up the equipment and adjust it when things go wrong." For example: "The most common issue is that the cutting tool gradually wears down. As a result, Luke needs to tell the computer to move the tool a few microns closer, or make some other adjustment. If the operator programs the wrong number, the tool can cut right into the machine itself and destroy equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars."
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