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Georgia, Yom Kippur, and the Shofar to awaken one's own will-forces… Open closed open, So that George the Tiller of soils, now facing the dragon within, may become Michael the Healer of souls! Well, weigh your words Alice, Michael holds the scales of Biodynamics :) A sealing for good to you.
Au choix et service compris: Prompting pourboires pour boire may not be the proper tip To Insure Perfect Sommellerie. Or, "hey you have to taste this" reaches a risky tipping point.
But Alice, could you come to the conclusion that "the situations, in fact, are entirely different," had you not first presupposed an analogy at some level? By the way, what about scientists, mathematicians, economists etc? Why choose artists only? Maybe because the mechanisms of cultural hegemony are insidious and multiform :)  The sole relevant situation here is Mr. Bressan's one, and needs no more than being understood in the light of its own individual and collective context.
As harvest is underway, this case of severe verbal diarrhea caused by excessive fermentation should maybe raise the suspicion of a professional disease? Seriously: through its animalization, stereotypes and "pest-control strategy," Mr. Bressan's comment has displayed a fine example of social Darwinist thinking. So far, I agree with you Alice, case closed. On the other hand, don't you think that we should be careful not to fall into the trap of the other face of this very type of thinking, i.e., the mechanistic reduction and "equal" comparison of an individuality (Mr. Bressan) to some other distinct individualities (here Picasso, Philip Roth and Ezra Pound)? In so doing, we eradicate a human being's personal biography always "in becoming" within a specific context. With this movement of objectification, we deprive this man/woman of his/her uniqueness, freedom and responsibility. And as we know, it is both animalization and objectification which start and nourish wars.
Hello Akm87: for me, as a biodynamist, I understand 'natural' fermentation within the frame of agri-culture being the art of culture brought to nature. The question then becomes, how do I touch nature, what's my quality of touch, i.e., of thinking? Do I choose the mechanistic thinking about genes which, alone, would determine traits? Or will I consider that the effects of genes are always qualified by the contexts within which the organisms live (Ruth Hubbard)? For instance, how does one understand this gene found in yeast that is homologous in structure to a nitrogen-fixing gene in nitrogen-fixing bacteria --while yeast does not fix nitrogen-- (Holdrege)? Can we understand 'natural' fermentation out of the context of farming?
You may doubt, but the fact is that you do not know. And whether "all those winemakers… are fooling themselves" or not when the grapes are for instance biodynamic, is nothing this study nor Hank's peremptory assertions prove.
Alice, were the grapes organic, biodynamic? To me, the vineyards of Quail's Gate, Cedar Creek and Road 13, seem to be conventionally farmed. In case this happened to be true, then prior to anything else, this study should have listed all the products sprayed for months on soils and vines. So that no one suddenly expects healthy, resilient and reliable yeasts to enter the wineries. And starts arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
France invading Georgia, Herio Bichebo! Just Kancheli and Kakhidze. Simple.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2013 on The challenge for Georgian wine at The Feiring Line
This "iconic natural" has the anorexic flavour of an oxymoron!
Well, economic factors ... So what's the pay like? Raisin?
Toggle Commented May 22, 2013 on Lil Wayne and the D'Oliveiras at The Feiring Line
"Quickly": D'Olivieras or D'Oliveiras? 1905 or 1902? Madeira or Madiera? Baracho or borracho? "Carefully": late summer 1955 was very hot in Madeira. "Thoughtfully": in Money, Mississippi too.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2013 on Lil Wayne and the D'Oliveiras at The Feiring Line
L'odore paradisiaco di violetta… little and simple and humble, this natural rebel spells the mercurial travels which tell the mineral smells. Either named Violet or Alice, it's a pastoral tale :)
Toggle Commented May 4, 2013 on The smell of violets in Barolo at The Feiring Line
Too late for Kundry Alice, this modern Fisher King will turn 80 tomorrow. But what a fine example here of Roth's maestria "to turn himself inside out"! His play of sounds leads us from physical space into the counter-space of light. Anyway, like a healed Fisher King, isn't he now writing with an 8-year-old little girl?
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2013 on Drinking with Philip Roth at The Feiring Line Miraval Formerly owned by Jacques Loussier Who played the Goldberg Variations. "Loussier's Play Bach is a good way to play Bach," said Glenn Gould… Who played the Goldberg Variations In a Saignee-like finger tapping Which reached the heavenly peach blossom.
How can wine be "by nature tragic" when "Hades and Dionysus are the same" --Heraclitus--? And when it comes to Essence (Aristotle) or Existence (Jewish thinkers), the answer is St. Thomas Aquinas for whom "Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine." As for a big tragic sorrow, go see Rabelais.
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2013 on Giving thanks for Abe Schoener at The Feiring Line
Hello Mike, why should Mr. Bellotti "hopefully abandon the DOC"? For if conventional farming cultivates the spirit of monoculture and exclusion, Biodynamics on the other hand looks for biodiversity, be it in the vineyards or in a social organization of individuals as a DOC can be understood. Alice, as far as I know Mr. Bellotti practices Biodynamics since 1984, meaning that 2012 is his 28th year of work with the preparations and an understanding of the cosmic rhythms. I can imagine that the meaning of a 28th year didn't escape him… Ending the year on space and time :)
Pas de photos, c'est la Convention.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2012 on Tête de veau in Blanceret at The Feiring Line
Une Tete de Veau un 10 Aout? Citoyenne Alice, la Republique Reconnaissante te decerne le Ruban Rouge de la Charte de BoVin Naturel
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2012 on Tête de veau in Blanceret at The Feiring Line
Yes, perfection is never achieved. Yes, there is no Biodynamic wine, only Biodynamic viticulture. But Alice, if adding a question mark to a statement makes it a question, then: how pure is "pure"? Will a true maturity lead to senility, or to wisdom? Is in any way Demeter ruled by leaders? Is the AVN code the official regulation?
Alice, how can you present subjective opinions as "indeed" facts to come? Again, was Biodynamics so far destroyed by the Demeter rules? Do you truly think that what the Demeter certification requires is considered as no more than a "farce" from the vignerons? "Who will be defining?" Well, who defined the Demeter rules? Are the vignerons from the "natural" movement children or parents of the word? Will they use it with endless undefined claims? Or will they come to the inner maturity able to name, limit, define, give directions and protect?
Alice, philosophy is one thing, love and hate another, not to speak of the economic sphere where the vigneron meets the consumer. In defining here three spheres, did I destroy them? Was Biodynamics destroyed by the Demeter rules? Would you call the Demeter certification process a farce? Whatever reasons can be linked to the "Enoteca Bulzoni affair," it shows that the word "natural" isn't defined, thus protected. Refusing to develop one's own capacity for inner authority and identity calls for the authoritarian outer intervention.
All organisms only mature by virtue of integrating the domain of social laws. And it seems that time has now come for this movement to clearly define its understanding of the word "natural": either a jungle for infantile emotions and desires, or a field of controlled instincts. The "Enoteca Bulzoni affair" is in that sense quite revelatory.
Sorry Alice, but that one would "keep some preparations" only means that one had not understood Biodynamics in the first place!
Alice, where did you pick up the idea that the nine biodynamic preparations can be divided and used as objects according to "one's needs"?
Oh, finally someone who seems to be very clear in what he does and what he thinks!